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About Round Hill
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City Wildlife Nature Wardens
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Conservation questionnaire
Knowing RH residents better
RHS Committee Meeting Minutes
RHS Minutes 2014-05-06
RHS Minutes 2014-06-10
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RHS Minutes 2014-10-01 AGM
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Round Hill Local Issues
Round Hill Reporter
Round Hill website
Snow in our neighbouring suburbs
Snow in Round Hill
The Round Hill Society
The Triangle Group
Urban Characterisation Study
Waste and recycling
What Requires Planning Permission


10th Anniversary Street Party
Adult Education
Advent Calendars Seasonal Singing
Aggies Delicatessen
All Saints
All Saints Hove
Becoming a user
Belton Road Advent Calendar window displays
Bogus Callers
Brighton and Hove Food Partnership
Brighton Early Music Festival
Brighton in the 1980s
Brighton Permaculture Trust
Brighton Science Festival
Brighton Unitarian Church
Brighton yahoogroups
Burglaries in Round Hill
By-election 2010
Carol singing
Car Club
Chapel Royal
Childrens Street Games
Classical Music
CMP Festival
Community and Voluntary Sector
Community Garden Example
Community Paint-Over Event
Community Safety Fund Round Hill bid
Community University Partnership Programme
Consumer Complaints and Advice
Controlled Parking
Crime statistics
Duke of Yorks
Eco Veggie Fayre
Election Results 2015
Florence Road Farmers Market
Food Waste-feeding-the-5000
Freedom of information requests
Garden Picnic 2016
General Election 2010
Grants and Awards
Hollingbury Hawks Colts
Impact of cuts on older people
Jolly Poacher Re-opening
Jumble Trail
Lamp Post Quiz
Lewes Folk Festival
Lewes Road Community Garden
Lewes Saturday Folk Club Programme
List of carols
Local and national elections
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London Road Station
London Road Station a heritage asset
Lost Cats
Mayor s Cycle Rides 23 April
Mayor s Walk 28 Apr 2018
Mayor s Walk Sun 30 April 2017
More Classical Music
National Garden Scheme
New Hand Rail
Open Door
Open Gardens June and July 2011
Open houses
Our First Round Hill Dog Show
Pedestrians in Round Hill
Picture galleries
Playing out in Round Hill
Poetry For Pleasure
Police Community Support
Police Community Support Officers
Renewable Energy for Round Hill
Replacing Trees in Ditchling Rise Area
Richmond House Liaison-gardening project
Richmond House Liaison with Cranstouns
Richmond House Pavilions Open Day
Roundhill Rewind
Round Hill Community Clean-up
Round Hill Crescent Planters
Round Hill Dog Show 21 May 2017
Round Hill Playsafe Session
Round Hill Summer Picnic 2014
Round Hill Walks
Round Hill Walks 2
Straw poll
Street Party June 2011
Street Picnic Party
St Nicholas Lunchtime Recitals
Support For Older People
Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner
The Big Dig
The Connaught Centre
The Garden Gadabout
The Older Peoples Council
The Victoria Pub
Transition Walks
Tree Planting at London Rd Station
Use of streets for Parklets
Virtual Reference
Voting test
White Night
World Book Night


0000 The Planning Process
Advertising Display Application
Alcohol Licence Application
Anston House
Architectural Features
Ashdown Road Recommendation
A Neighbourhood Plan for Round Hill
Belton Road 2014 Open Space
BP Garage Ditchling Road
Car-Free Housing proposed policies
Carelet 0000 index to applications
Carelet 2005-Appeal Decision
Carelet 2005 wildlife haven destroyed
Carelet 2010 parking difficulty
Carelet 2013 6 house proposal car-free
Carelet 2013 inaccurate misleading information
Carelet 2013 Six houses application
Carelet 2013 Six houses objections
Carelet 2013 wants Area J spaces
Carelet 2014 minded to grant
Carelet 2015 Inadequate Bin Space
Carelet 2017 Gatehouse Redesign
Carelet 2018 Removal of Car Free
Carelet 2018 Supporting Document
Cat Creep 2006 garden grabbing
Cat Creep 2006 proposal refused
Commenting by ordinary letter
Comments on Parking Difficulties
Community Composting
Crescent Rd-Belton Rd Open Space
Crescent Rd-fails the permitted development tests
Crescent Rd 0000 index
Crescent Rd and permitted development
Crescent Rd proposal is wrongly described
Crescent Road 2014
Crescent Road 2014 covering letter
Crescent Road 2014 Objection
Crescent Road 2014 Pro Forma
Crescent Road 2014 signatures
Crescent Road 2015 Application
Crescent Road 2015 Liaison
Crescent Road 2016 Approval
Crescent Road 2017
Crescent Road 2018
Crescent Road and Contamination
Ditchling Road Closure
Double parking
Double Yellow Lines
Eco Open Houses
Fallacy of genuine car-free developments in Round Hill
Greenfield Development and Open Spaces
Group Action via Environmental Solicitors
Help to list London Rd Stn
Hollingdean Road 2010 comment
Hollingdean Road 2010 granted
Hollingdean Waste Transfer Station
Houses of Multiple Occupation HMOs
How the Carelet site looked in 2003
Landscaping Round Hill
Lewes Road Green Transport
Lewes Road Vogue Gyratory
Life fighting a proposed Dump
Life near the Dump
Local Planning
London Road Shopping Centre
London Road Station Open Space
Longer Views of Round Hill
Manual For Streets
More Pictures from the NE of Round Hill
New Cats Creep Proposal
New Developments
Objection to Open Spaces Survey
Odour nuisance from Hollingdean WTS
Open Market 2014
Open Market London Road-index
Open Market Planning Proposal
Open Market Regeneration
Open Spaces
Open Spaces 0000 index
Open spaces criteria
Open Spaces Survey
Open Space 2007-our railway corridor
Open Space 2007-Princes Rd NE
Operating Licence for Hollingdean Depot
Parking in Round Hill index
Participating in the Appeal
Plans for The Level
Questions To Local Representatives
Railway Communications System Mast
Recent items on Hollingdean Depot
Request for control of Advertising Boards
Richmond House-Transport Assessments
Richmond House 0000 index
Richmond House 2013 1st Proposal
Richmond House 2013 1st Proposal evaluation
Richmond House 2013 2nd Proposal
Richmond House 2013 2nd Proposal evaluation
Richmond House 2014 Appeal
Richmond House 2015 3rd Proposal
Richmond House 2015 New Use
Richmond House 2015 The Building
Richmond House and The Centenary Industrial Estate
Richmond House as a Care Home
Richmond House proposal Design Weaknesses
Save The Signalman Pub Garden
Sleep in heavenly peace
Solar panels
Street Lamps
Sustainable Building Design
The Future of Brighton General
The value of open space assessment
Two points for the appeal inspector
Upper Lewes Road access
Uses of Streets
Valid Grounds for Comment
Veolia 0000 index
Veolia 2006-campaign arguments
Veolia 2006-campaign arguments2
Veolia 2006-campaign meetings
Veolia 2006-campaign meetings2
Veolia 2006-campaign meetings3
Veolia 2006-consultations
Veolia 2006-Environmental Health
Veolia 2006-Impact-on amenity
Veolia 2006-permission granted
Veolia 2006-planning conditions
Veolia 2006-reaction to permission
Veolia 2006-the aftermath
Veolia 2007 Newhaven Incinerator
Veolia 2013-Council planning conditions
Veolia 2013-Environment Agency licence
Veolia 2013 hours Part 01
Veolia 2013 hours Part 02
Veolia 2013 hours Part 03
Veolia 2013 hours Part 04
Veolia 2013 hours Part 05
Veolia 2013 hours Part 06
Veolia 2013 hours Part 07
Veolia 2013 hours Part 08
Veolia 2013 hours Part 09
Veolia 2013 hours Part 10
Veolia 2013 hours Part 11
Veolia 2013 petition feedback
Veolia 2016 Say No to industrial waste
Veolia 2018-erosion of conditions
Ward Councillors and our open spaces
Waste and Minerals Core Strategy
Waste Transfer Station odour escapes


10 10 Brighton and Hove
Aahhggs and Ooohhs
A blooming success
A struggle to survive
A sundial for your garden
A wild past - and future
Bee banks in Hollingbury Woods
Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
Climate Change
Creating a wildlife garden
Dogs in the City
Dog mess
Earth as hard as iron - water like a stone
Flocking to the neighbourhood
Flutterby Butterfly
Fox Alert
Friends of Hollingbury Woods
From thorn bushes to pullovers
Gardeners raise hundreds for charities
Gardening Club
Gardens and wildlife
Gardens and wildlife under threat
Green Hill
Green spaces face extinction
Have a merry robin
It is Your Neighbourhood-information-pack
Let us go to bed
Mayo Court gardening project
Nature Notes
Never kill a spider
Night Crawlers
Notes from a wildlife garden
Notes from a wildlife garden 2
One planet city
Organic Gardening
Plants for your wildlife garden
Race Hill Community Orchard
Red in tooth and claw
RHS Plant Sale 29 June 2014
Round Hill Open Gardens 2006
Round Hill Rowan Tree 2016
Royal Horticultural and Round Hill Societies
RSPB Guide to Birdwatching
Seed Swops
Severe Weather
Song thrushes and slow-worms
Sparrows to Sparrowhawks
Spring has nearly sprung
The Humble Bee
The perfume does it
The Round HIll Cat Creep
The swifts are back
The view from the garden
Trees please
Tree Felling
Trouble with my waterworks
We can all be conservationists
Wildlife on Round Hill
Wild about the place
Woolly work in the Sussex hills


A hill with memories
A tale of two lamp posts
Book Deal for Round Hill history group
Bronze age Burial Ground on Round Hill
Bungaroosh Bungarouche Bunglarouge
Counting Round Hill
Discovering Round Hill s History
Doing the Round Hill walk
Features worthy of protection
Getting a local history group off the ground
Guided history walk
Guided Walks by Dr Geoffrey Mead
History quiz ANSWER
History Walks
In The Dark
Local History Books
Local list of heritage assets
London Road Shops
Monkey Business in Round Hill Road
Open Market regeneration
Princes Road street directories
Research findings for our history book
Rose Hill Park
Round Hill 100 years ago
Round Hill history group in 2003
Round Hill history quiz
Round Hill history research
Round Hill Walk a festival event
Rural Round Hill
Save Our Swan-neck heads
Second history quiz ANSWERS
Second Round Hill history quiz
Smallpox cases in Brighton
Spot the location ANSWER
Spot the location today
Street lamps correspondence
Telling the Round Hill story
The history of the Open Market
The James Gray Collection
The Open Market 2008 Update
The real Bat and Ball
The Road to Round Hill
The Round Hill windmill


Artists Open Houses
Arts Music Theatre Cinema
Contacting Your Local Council
Local artists
Local Artists Websites
Local links
Recycling in Brighton and Hove
Residents Associations and Community Groups
Sussex Countryside Flora Fauna Walks
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