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Note the extent to which the original plan of Round Hill was recognised and remains intact: click on the picture to enlarge the plan of the Round Hill Park Estate issued in 1853 to first residents invited to purchase lots in our neighbourhood. The picture will open in a new tab. Then to further enlarge Hold down Ctrl and press + (Windows PC) or Command and press + (OS MAC).

The original plan of Round Hill

Round Hill Park Estate












Rose Hill Park and Round Hill Park - both parts of the RH Estate.

Rose Hill Park (article by Chris Tullett), relating mainly to what is now Sylvan Hall, was bordered by Ditchling Road, Upper Lewes Road, Wakefield Road and most of the south side of Princes Crescent, covering a triangular area.

The area north of what is now Bromley Road and round into Princes Crescent was developed as The Round Hill Park

The Area (12.05 Hectares / 29.78 Acres)

Round Hill Conservation Area Map. This shows the conservation area roughly triangular and bounded to the west by Ditchling Road, to the SE by Upper Lewes Road and to the north by the Brighton to Lewes railway line.

A visual introduction to Round Hill
A high resolution photo taken by Ted in 2004 (beforeThe Dump!) shows the value of Round Hill's most spectacular green corridor to our conservation area. Click on the following picture to see it:

Round Hill Park Estate












or on roundhill_green_corridor.jpg 2.63 MB

The photo includes scores of Round Hill homes. It also shows the care taken in the early development of Round Hill to construct a in street layout which is still pleasing to the eye with its deliberate arcs, segments and restful 'green ribbons' in between.

Conservation Area (designated in 1977)

Round Hill Conservation Area Character Statement

This sets out clearly what is special about the conservation area

Article 4 Direction - A4/22 - Round Hill Conservation Area

An Article 4 Direction has the effect of removing "Permitted Development" rights over certain specified classes of minor alterations and extensions, such as porches, replacement of windows and doors and painting of the exterior of a building. Usually these Directions only relate to those facades of the building facing onto a street or public footpath or open space, but sometimes they cover alterations and extensions at the rear or developments such as sheds in back gardens.

What requires planning permission? Note: the above link updates this.

Colourfully painted houses in Belton Road

Details of the Round Hill Area from the Urban Characterisation Study
the latter is a comprehensive study of the characteristics of Round Hill. The purpose of this document is to inform future planning policies, and assist with planning decision making.
Note that the above Characterisation Study takes in more of Round Hill than the streets which fall within the boundaries of The Round Hill conservation area (designated in 1977).
In Victorian travelogues, a reference to Round Hill would include streets (north of The Level and Rose Hill)  on both sides of Ditchling Road. Round Hill was the hill which could be seen across the valley when looking eastwards from Dyke Road. The Round Hill streets actually visible from Dyke Road are west of those which now fall within the boundaries of The Round Hill conservation area.
Today, a reference to Round Hill includes the Sylvan Hall streets, but normally indicates the streets bounded by Upper Lewes Road, part of Round Hill Crescent, D'Aubigny Road, part of Richmond Road, Mayo Road, Princes Road and part of Ditchling Road.

The Round Hill Society
The Constitution of the Round Hill Society

Committee Members (elected Oct 2019)
and Information about the society

Committee Page containing the Minutes of recent meetings

Round Hill Reporter - past issues of our newsletter

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Reports from recent AGMs

Journals on Round Hill
10 years of The Round Hill Reporter
Bound volume of the first ten yearsYou can now purchase the omnibus edition of the Round Hill Reporter - a bound volume of the first 40 issues, published to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Round Hill Society for £6.45 plus postage.

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