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Round Hill Plans












This section includes details about planning policy, issues and particular applications affecting the Round Hill area. Use the site directory (scroll down to the heading "Planning") to research specific properties.

search & view planning applications Brighton and Hove City Council's Planning Register


You will need to open the document labelled "Application Form" to keep track of the amount of accommodation already approved in the case of "applications to vary conditions not needing the Council's permission": e.g. to learn that  BH2019/01268 relates to permission already given - 205 student rooms already under construction at 52 & 54 Hollingdean Road. 

Taking part in the planning process







Planning applications are best supported or opposed -  not through petitions, but by online comment after accessing proposals via the The Council's Planning Register. Don't forget that you can also email members of the planning committee 7-10 days before the proposals come before them. Use links (below) for further detail:

10 Multiple Choice questions on the planning process

What requires planning permission in The Round Hill conservation area? See: Article 4 Direction - A4/22 - Round Hill Conservation Area

 View &/or make comments on Council website



Applications which local residents in Round Hill have been monitoring:

Properties to rear of Crescent Road now being marketed.

BH2019/01353 extension of patio approved
eligibility for on-street parking



Applications which would increase parking stress











When permit uptake reaches 80% or over within a controlled parking zone, BHCC requires applicants hoping for on-street parking space to submit a parking survey.

The Crescent Rd and Carelet parking surveys fail to mention the Council's Supplementary Planning Document SPD14  dealing specifically with car-free housing (a condition of approval attached to both schemes) and the 92% figure on permit uptake within the Area-J zone.

CDRC map to check Air Quality within (the vicinity of) Round Hill.

52 and 54 Hollingdean Road being built


BH2019/01268 not needing the Council's permission just north east of the Victorian railway bridge.












Application BH2019/01268 is for variation of Condition 2 of application BH2016/06576 (Application for variation of condition 2 of application BH2014/01637 (Demolition of all buildings at 54 Hollingdean Road and erection of a part 3, 4, 5 and 6 storey building (plus basement) to form 205 student rooms with kitchen and common room facilities. Demolition of 46 Freehold Terrace and erection of a 4 storey building comprising 8 affordable housing units. Change of use and refurbishment of 52 Hollingdean Road to form an associated management suite). Changes to internal layout including bringing fire escape and sub-station within main building resulting in reduction of student rooms from 205 to 192 units). Amendments propose relocating management office from No. 52 to main student building and retaining ancillary laundry room with separate class C3 dwelling. Document Annex 1 shows site plan.

45 - 47 Hollingdean Road Brighton BN2 4AA


Brighton and Hove City Council has REFUSED BH2017/01873

Proposed demolition of existing buildings and erection of a part 2,3,4 and 5 storey building including basement to form 87 student rooms (Sui Generis), communal student facilities, plant room, cycle storage, 2no disabled parking spaces, recycling and refuse facilities, vehicular access and associated works.

Open the DECISION DOCUMENT for reasons which relate to excessive  amount: dominance of design, potential for overlooking and overshadowing and excessive coverage of the site.

The location of this proposed scheme (the former Gerry Ingram site) is very close to residents at the east end of Richmond Road and the north end of D'Aubigny Road. The site is on the far side of the service road from the mouth of Hughes Road into Sainsbury.

Round Hill residents (interested in seeing that their conservation area is not boxed in by high buildings) will recall a 138-room scheme on the near side of the same service road which would have involved the demolition of Richmond House.

CKC Properties Ltd are involved in several major schemes locally to provide purpose-built accommodation for students: e.g. Pelham Terrace, £42m conversion of the Lectern Pub on Lewes Road and the University of Brighton's £150m plans for Preston Barracks

Safe crossing for Upper Lewes Road



 If they can do it in Ditchling Road, why can't they make a safe crossing point in Upper Lewes Road?







Policies which aim to protect conservation areas

Fern Villa 1879
picture taken from Tenantry Down near Brighton Race Course



The above row of buttons relates to subjects where some background information might prove interesting or helpful. The button on Community Policing would be relevant to residents wanting to run a Neighbourhood Watch or to lobby for more Police Community Support Officers.

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