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RHS Minutes 2014-06-10

Minutes of the RHS meeting on Tuesday 10th June 2014

Present: Sandy, Barbara, Cath, Annie, Ted, Jan, Boo, Rob and Bonnie.

We started by thanking Jan for inviting us a little early to enjoy a drink in her delightful garden.

Apologies received from Deborah, Kate and Maria. Kate will attend when personal circumstances allow.

The Minutes of the meeting held on 6th May 2014 were approved. Matters arising: Cath will pursue Cllr West re bike cabinets and the report written by Simon Hickmott. Planters are now in place with soil but no plants – Annie has been asking Garden Centre top of Elm Grove without success – will try local gardener suggested by Cath. CUPP bid failed as there was too little time, but the idea was liked and may return in 6 months. Students at last meeting failed to deliver, but Jade, who did video of Playsafe, will receive thank you card from us (Annie to write). Boo will chase broken video link to it.

Next meeting 8pm on the 9th September at Annie’s (8 D’Aubigny Rd). We also fixed date (1st October at Down Infants – book 6.30 to 9.30pm, meeting 7pm to 9pm) for AGM which Cath will pursue with the school. Rob will invite our Councillors and a speaker from a Community Energy group to our AGM.

29th June play-street and street picnic events: Closure permissions for both events received today. Playsafe will be 2 to 5pm, Picnic 1.30 to 6pm. Boo and Cath to arrange leaflet for all immediately affected houses/cars reminding them of the events and urging they move cars away in the morning (late morning, after closure set up?). They will also create an A4 poster for telegraph poles, lampposts and committee member windows. Annie will design a flier for distribution across Round Hill (using normal delivery system if they agree, otherwise committee will take up slack). Boo will seek more raffle prizes via Yahoo site, and urn for teas from a rental company near Hove station. Must get raffle tickets and gaffer tape. Cath will seek road closure signs from Florence Road, and Rob will do same from Hollingdean and Hanover Centre. Annie will arrange van hire to move things. Carol has agreed to do shopping for tea and soft drinks, including 5litre bottles of water from Sainsbury’s. Rob will confirm entertainment from Jane Short’s a cappella group, Michael and Simon, and Sarah Haybittle’s swing dancers.

Neighbourhood planning/forum: Ted provided a single sheet outlining the process, which we might pursue over several months, with a Cllr and input from the Council, to create a neighbourhood plan that, if accepted by Central Govt, will have equal standing with rest of city plan when issues arise. We agreed to approach friends in nearby community groups to get a bigger area if possible, and established a specialist group to pursue it and report back ; Ted, Annie, Sandy, Barbara and Rob.

Belton Road backland development: The developer has submitted another application, insisting that the previous use was as offices and thus suitable for permitted development as housing. We need evidence it was ‘Financial and professional services’, a different use-class not having access to permitted development.

Richmond House update: We won!! The Inspector’s statement is excellent, essentially stopping any use of the steep vegetated slope, and ensuring that outlooks to distant views down Richmond and up D’Aubigny Roads is retained. Future designs must pay due regard to the Round Hill heritage asset. The use of a last minute QC was seen as excessive by the Council. A case of champagne is to be provided for Thursday’s party at Annie’s (6.30pm to 9pm) by Gina from the industrial estate.

Lamppost alteration: Rob got support from the meeting to further pursue this issue with the Council.

AOB: Bonnie told us of the first 2014 burglary in Round Hill – a flat in low numbers Rich Rd. A bike was taken from racks in D’Aubigny Rd, and a drain cover taken from the pavement somewhere else on Round Hill.
Ted spoke of ways we can get putting content onto website. Submit some copy to Ted, he will generate a page for it, and Dave guest can provide ‘login’ so that the owner can work on it without fear of harming anything else.

We agreed to establish a second specialist group - Cath, Boo and Kate – who will run the Playsafe days, and work with the rest of us for seasonal singing and clean-ups. One of them will attend the regular meetings.
We discussed the failures in refuse collection over the last two weeks, and the seeming ‘work to rule’ amongst Cityclean staff. The meeting ended at 10.30pm.

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