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RHS Minutes 2014-10-08

Minutes of the RHS meeting of 8th October 2014 at 51 Upper Lewes Road, 8pm

Apologies received from Boo, Cath and Kate. Rob had assumed Carol was still abroad so failed to send her the agenda, sorry Carol. Annie was present for the first hour only, passing the chair to Sandy on her departure.

Present: Barbara Harris, Annie Rimington, Bonnie Scovell, Sandy Hawkins, Jan Curry, Ted and Rob Stephenson.

Minutes of the meeting held on 9th Sept 2014 were approved.

Matters arising: seven responses regarding refuse options outlined in the Reporter were received, one may be a person interested in being more involved. None wanted communal bins. The Playsafe paperwork for Halloween is with the Council and the subgroup plans to meet on the 15th (reported by e-mail). Barbara Harris offered to do some Reporter delivery.

Next two meeting will be 11th November at either Sandy’s or Jan’s and 11th December at either Jan’s or Sandy’s (whoever did not host November meeting). We agreed to ask the student housing reps from Sussex and Brighton universities to indicate whether they could attend our next two meetings, and try to get them together at one of them.

Working Groups details:

  • Environmental Issues: Waste and Recycling subset (Sandy, Annie) – will use Yahoo and website and existing contacts to form a group to consider the way forward, and then approach the new City Clean manager, Richard Bradley, to discuss possibilities. Jackie Jones agreed to join the subset.
  • Round Hill in Bloom: Jan Curry will contact others who have gone down this route before. Specific ideas include plants and perhaps seating on Industrial Estate boundary and railings (Amplicon’s Douglas is key contact, and he is considering new railings, Annie has his details). Jan will draft a letter saying RHS s planning to enter City in Bloom and hopes to get support from householders – a good way to open contact with poorly maintained garden owners? It might be a way to begin to offer help with unkempt gardens. Barbara is keen to approach garden suppliers to see if wholesale prices might be available, and thinks a seasonal planting plan for new and existing planters would be good. Jan and Ted will together create a Round Hill in Bloom section for the website.

Some offers of help with working groups were received at AGM.

  • Ruby Casey-Knight offered to help with both Planning and Communications.
  • Stefan Missen offered to assist with Veolia smells and Playsafe
  • Emily Robertson offered to help with Playsafe.
  • Jane Power (Ted’s partner) will help with Round hill in Bloom (when back in the spring).

Please will individuals follow up on these offers, I think you know who you are.

Seasonal singing: 18th December agreed at AGM. Decided to start and finish at brick planter on Richmond Rd, and to decorate site with lights and (possibly) child-made stuff. Ted will judiciously edit down the length of some songs and create new master sheet from electronic version he will receive from Rob. We will ask Boo if she will be able to make multiple copies again. Barbara offered to decorate 4 buckets provided three folk can get a bucket each to her (Rob, Jan and Annie perhaps?). Barbara will also ask Michael Coates if he will strum (or more) for us, Rob will ask cellist (if I can find the link), Jan will ask Rusty and Peter the Photographer on Richmond Rd, Sandy will ask Simon Scardanelli and I think Rob’s also asking Mary (flautist and partner of actor John), and Andrew Partington. Also hope for Kate to offer her kitchen to prepare mulled wine and hot mince pies (Rob will do the work, just need a stove). Rob will identify as many ex-committee folk as possible and ask them to attend. Rob has big mulled wine pan and 40 sturdy plastic glasses for it, and will bring gazebo (if not too windy). It was suggested that homes nearby might be encouraged to do some window decoration on Christmas advent calendar theme – but I have no name to act on this.

Bonnie reported a crime wave – a burglary in Mayo Court today with an internal door kicked in, on the night of Sunday 29th Sept a lady in Richmond Rd had several of her love birds and canaries stolen from garden aviaries, on the 25th Sept a suitcase was taken from a vehicle in Richmond Rd, a car in Round Hill Crescent had a pair of sunglasses taken (date missed by me), and a satnav was taken from a car in Mayo Court on 8th Sept.


Ted is moving to Crawley on Thursday 16th and hopes to return (probably in April).

The BP garage on Ditchling Rd has been tidied up a bit.

There was a fire at a house in Princes Crescent caused by a dishwasher, nobody hurt.

Sandy would like us to revisit the constitution, to remind ourselves of our core purposes, and perhaps to set some public targets for the coming year partly to bring in help, and partly to proclaim the things we do and why. I will circulate the constitution, if I can find an electronic version or when I have time to type it out again.

Rob Stephenson
11th October 2014

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