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RHS Minutes 2014-12-10

Minutes of the RHS 10th December 2014 meeting at Jan's

Only 4 present (Jan, Barbara, Sandy and Rob), with apologies received from all other committee members plus Cllr West and Bonnie. Also giving last minute apologies was Mark Woolford from Sussex University.

We agreed the Minutes of November’s meeting.

Seasonal Singing: Barbara would like buckets over the weekend please (Annie, Rob and Jan, Sandy brought hers to the meeting). Rob will create a poster and will further promote event, like the newsletter it will tell of start time and place, route and finishing place for mulled wine/fruit squash and mince-pies.

Rob will get the consumables and prepare them at Kate’s home, along with plastic glasses and big vessel and ladle. Barbara has a table which Rob will help move to finish location. Jan has a stepladder which Annie will use to further decorate tree at junction, Rob will help). Timings will need to be worked out. Boo is bringing songbooks to start at bottom of Cat Creep for 6pm start. Those going singing should try to bring torches or lanterns to aid singing and collecting. We should have a cellist with us, who will value help carrying seat from lamppost to lamppost.

Rob will send/deliver song titles to Simon Scardanelli, and will remind our 3 musicians of the event.

We discussed neighbourhood greening/ tidy-ups/ tree planting. Jan has bought and used compost in brick planters and around street trees and will be seeking a refund some time. We considered approaching residents on Richmond Road to see if they might contribute cash towards more street trees, wondered if planned meeting after Christmas with Cityclean might help, as the head of Cityclean is also head of Parks.

Jan and Barbara have booked a full page in the March Reporter to promote Neighbourhood Smartening, and we can register with a scheme in April.

We heard about the clean-up of dumped stuff at Richmond House, and the fact that Bonnie has spoken to the local resident seen adding to it. Graffiti seems to be on rise, with new tag on a big planter. It may be worth noting that North Laine Community Association have obtained a supply of graffiti removal wipes from Cityclean. Following some discussion about helping new residents dispose of bulky waste we talked about the value of a Welcome Pack for new residents. It would have details of our website, yahoo site, newsletter (a copy as well), perhaps committee members and contact details, maybe a leaflet from Cityclean on waste collection days/ use of big bins (for Upper Lewes Road area) and what can be recycled, when it should be put out and normal storage off street (another item for the January Cityclean meeting?), details of Playsafe events and clean-ups. I would add SussexGreenCycle details for giving stuff away, and maybe stuff about using CPZ.

We heard about recent crime from Bonnie’s e-mail. 21st Nov burglary in a Richmond Rd flat, possible insecure communal door aided the action. Bike stolen in Richmond Rd, reported 22nd Nov. Car window smashed in Wakefield Rd 3rd Dec, and a burglary in Ditchling Rd near Princes Crescent, access via a sash window on 4th Dec.

Next meeting will be Tuesday 20th January at Barbara’s 8pm.

AOB: Might Harmony Carpets advertise in Reporter? Could we plan a Round Hill Country Walk? The motorcycle bay at bottom of Ashdown Road has not housed a motorcycle in many months, might it be better becoming a car space? Sandy will write a piece in next Reporter about the network of people who create it and get it out, and Rob will provide her with the necessary details.

Meeting ended just before 11pm.

Rob Stephenson
11th December 2014

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