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RHS Minutes 2015-03-26

Minutes of RHS meeting on Thursday 26th March 2015

Those present: Sandy, Ted, Annie, Kate, Cath, Jan and Rob, and apologies received from Carol, Boo, Barbara, Harry Brignull and Cllr Pete West.

Also present were Peter Glass - Director of Operations for Cranstoun, Wendy Taylor – Deputy Director of Operations for Cranstoun, and Kathy Caley, Lead Commissioner for Alcohol and Substance Misuse Services for Brighton and Hove City Council.

We agreed that the Minutes of the February 2015 meeting were an accurate record

Date for the next meeting: Tuesday 21st April at Cath’s home.

Richmond House: Annie had compiled a list of concerns raised by residents to the possible establishment of a drug and alcohol treatment and recovery service operating from Richmond House. Cranstoun had prepared written answers which you can read on this site.

In discussion we heard that there are about 1600 people potentially able to access the services, of which 500 have alcohol-related problems, the others being drug-related. The centre will operate between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday, and 10 to 1pm on Saturday mainly for small group structured activities. Other one to one meetings will also be held outside of those times, but evening operation will be on 2 days a week until 8.30pm. If they obtain planning permission they expect to be in operation by September. They have a lease for 5 years with option to extend to 10 years, and the service contract is 3 years with potential to extend to 5 years. Probably at planning on 21st April, with the possibility of a public meeting once achieved. There is every chance for volunteering at the centre, and for us to hold meetings outside of their working times.

Next Playsafe event will be 12th April on Mayo Rd where permissions have been collected, for that date and subsequent events.

The long wall: We agreed to ask Harry and Mia if they might contact those most affected and gather ideas for improvement. We can help generate any paperwork thought useful.

Crescent Road/Belton Rd backlands: 16 local residents attended the Jolly Poacher to hear from the site owner and his legal representative. The new plan has a slightly smaller block as some of the existing building will be demolished, but it will still contain 5 flats. The position of windows has been reviewed to reduce overlooking of existing homes. There is also a plan for a single 2-bed house at the southern end of the open space. Sally Wright is moving away for some time so will not be leading the community involvement, a new and local person or people are needed. There was discussion about the open central area – whether it might be lowered and planted with trees/shrubs.

Bonnie’s crime report: Only one since the last meeting, a broken window on a van parked on Round Hill Crescent, where an active alarm probably helped drive the culprit away instead of entering the vehicle. We also discussed an Immigration Service operation at a house in the same street (south side, east end).

The cemetery walk has got 7 takers so far, with one ‘maybe’. We need 10 to run the event.

We have agreed to hold another low-key street party on 12th July, when there is a street play event going on. Cakes, prizes, musicians and a small PA are needed. Someone to take a lead on the event is also needed!

Report on 22nd March Clean-up: A small turnout - Kate, her two children, Sandy, Annie, Jan, Liza, her husband and their two children -  worked with the CityClean team (Eduardo and Trevor). CityClean have offered to take away old dustbins and replace with new wheelie bins if we contact them with details of folk wishing to do this. One extra of the clean-up was the fact that the City arranged a visit by the graffiti clean-up van and a leafletting of apparently disowned bikes on racks, which will be followed up by removal of those not claimed. Adam Campbell provided a tray of herbs and plants which were planted in the 4 big planters – there should be a photo of this for next Reporter.

Greening Round Hill update: Jan is going to reinforce the messages in the last Reporter with an A4 flyer. We spoke of putting planters on the new cycle parking build-outs. Rob will ask Rob Rosenthal of Southdown Resident’s Association, where such planters have been spotted. Rob also spoke of trying to have sunflowers in many gardens on his side of the Upper Lewes Road.

AOB: It was agreed to add Veolia noise issues to next agenda (non-use of silent reversing alarms by visiting lorries, in contravention of planning condition). The meeting ended at 10.30pm.

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