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RHS Minutes 2015-04-21

Minutes of RHS Committee Meeting - 21st April 2015 at Cath's

Apologies from Barbara, Kate and Ted.

Present were Cath, Boo, Sandy, Carol, Rob, Jan, and Annie with Cllr Pete West and PCSO Bonnie.

We approved the Minutes of the March 2015 meeting after hearing of spelling correction - Kathy Caley was the Council Commissioner.

Next meeting will be at Jan's on Tuesday 19th May, 8pm.

Matters arising: We have heard nothing from developer or his agent re Belton Rd backlands, Annie will pursue.

Regarding future street events, we should arrange for a useful number of committee members to attend to spread the work and share the burden.

Recognition of help volunteered previously: there should be an article in June Reporter about Richard B, Eduado etc, with their photos and words about them and their responsibilities - I think Sandy is pursuing this.

Jan's article on the milkman attracted 3 new customers to his round.

Cemetery walk was cancelled as it only had 7 takers and we had set a minimum of 10.

Jan will prepare an A5 flyer for late May distribution, to promote the greening project. The Reporter will re-inforce the message. Rob has 30 sunflowers growing and plans to offer them to folk along Upper Lewes Road (N side, between ends of RH Crescent).

Richmond House: Planning permission granted with quarter of floorspace change of use to D1 Clinical. Maximum hours 8am to 9 pm Mon to Sat, nothing on Sundays or Bank Hols. Despite our report on the website rumours are growing about the application. Prof Farsides of RHC has written to Cllr West asking why so little advance publicity was given to this potentially very disruptive application. Only 3 addresses on Round Hill received a letter, plus one A4 notice on the building which none of us noticed certainly suggest a stealth approach.

Wendy Taylor of Cranstoun was helpful in stopping hedgerow destruction when RSPB, Police and Council proved useless in the short timescale. Cllr West suggested a Liaison Group to keep watching brief on their performance and urge reciprocity.

Annie will approach them with idea of a public meeting on site before they open, perhaps a week or three after next Reporter goes out to publicise it. Annie will also seek copy of the contract between Council/NHS and Cranstoun/Pavilions.

Playsafe: Last event was understaffed and there were two difficulties which needed to be resolved - one concerned a local resident and the other a guy with a pickup. Both demanded access and became very abusive when refused. On the upside one couple came out to offer tea to the adults. I suggest that if folk are demanding access to deliver things, then we need sufficient people to help them deliver without resorting to a vehicle entering.

Next Playsafe will have Dr Bike so more parents urged to attend to make use of it - 31st May 3 to 5pm. Sandy and Annie will visit the householder who was upset about access during the last event, and Bonnie has the Reg plate details of the pickup.

Avards: Cllr West has been approached about estate agents driving across pavements to park during school-run time. Sandy and Annie will call on Avards!! This led to a discussion about parents parking badly during child drop-off runs. School not keen to act, said parents can be abusive if approached.

Veolia: Again Cllr West raised an opportunity in the shape of the new 'Community Protection Notice', a recent bit of legislation which we might be able to use against Veolia for its smell and noise issues. Not sure how we plan to progress this, but there was talk of a group to pursue it, having Ted P, Rachel Atwell (a governor and active on Veolia liaison group) and Boo aboard.

Cllr West and Tim Nicholls at the Council may have roles as well. Discussion then covered fact that the school is taking Veolia Environment Fund money for grounds improvements, and did this affect their ability to complain.

Other food waste solutions also arose, from a separate collection to special cooked food and meat home composters (at a subsidised £80 each). Boo leading on this.

Dog Excrement: Carol wants us to pursue a gently-gently campaign initially. perhaps the Tidy Britain Group stickers or posters - 'There's no such thing as the Dog Poo Fairy'.

A4 posters - 10 for £5 OR 3 of 21cm dia weatherproof self-adhesive stickers for £5, OR we design our own. I have seen a rather good pavement stencil we might emulate.

Surplus Money: We have £4k, should we do something socially responsible with any of it? Invest £1000 in a credit union? The discussion moved rapidly to applying for grants!

  • Four community noticeboards.
  • Six galvanised steel planters for titivating bike racks £60 each plus compost/soil mix.
  • Two Round Hill Event banners with space for specific event information.

First grant date closes about 5th May, so action is needed soonest.

Summer Street Event - re-affirmed our intention to use 12th July Playsafe date. More at next meeting.

Crime report from Bonnie was just 2 incidents in our area, a bike stolen from railings in Richmond Road, and a domestic knife attack at about 60 Upper Lewes Road, man in custody.

101 Round Hill Crescent Garden development plan: Rejected by officers on a whole host of grounds.

The Long Wall: deferred until next meeting.

Meeting close about 10.30pm

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