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RHS Minutes 2015-05-19

Present: Jan, Ted, Annie, Barbara, Boo, Rob, PCSO Bonnie, Cllr Pete West and Ray Knight.

Apologies received from Cath, Kate, Carol and Sandy. We all introduced ourselves to Ray, who is joining the committee.

Minutes of April 2015 meeting were approved.

Matter arising – We have heard nothing from the Belton Rd backland developer; Annie and Pete will try again. Avards appear to have given up driving across the pavement to park. We have submitted a grant application for 4 noticeboards and 2 banners, a guy living between Jan and Cath may be able to do the design for it, Boo will ask Cath to speak to him. We agreed to spend £50 on garden greening prizes.

Next meeting will be Thursday 2nd July, 8pm at Barbara’s, 14 Mayo Road Richmond House – Wendy Taylor of Cranstoun’s is setting up a meeting for local people to hear about the planned use of Richmond House and for us to ask questions. We hope that a liaison group will come out of it. We may distribute Cranstoun’s notice of meeting in the June Reporter.

Veolia – Chris Parkin of the Environment Agency has said in writing that the reasons for the odour issue at Veolia’s waste transfer station are: The poorly designed building which is not airtight, and the presence of food in the waste. Solving either element will be expensive and difficult, but we must press on both fronts, as well as testing the suitability of a Community Protection Notice under the Social behaviour, crime and policing Act 2014 as a means of putting pressure on Veolia. Tim Nicholls (Head of Environmental Health) has been consulted by Pete West, and a meeting will be set up for Pete, Annie and Tim. A working group is to be formed, and Boo/Cath will invite Phil Viner (Chair of Downs Infants PTA) and Rachel Atwell (Chair of Downs Infants Governors) to our next meeting. Rob will contact DRARA and Coachwerks to see if they suffer smells, and may want to be involved. There is talk of a possible paid-for garden and food waste collection scheme to be offered by Veolia, though it’s unlikely to remove sufficient food waste to eliminate the stench. Ted will compile all his Veolia data for next meeting/working group.

Playsafe and Party – 31st May 3 to 5pm is next Playsafe, Annie and Rob agreed to help and will be there at 2.30pm. Cath’s partner (Henrik?) will hopefully have brought barriers and cones to their basement area. Boo will create poster for attaching to Mayo Rd lampposts and poles in addition to the house leaflet drop. 12th July is next Playsafe, where we might have Bike Doctor – Boo to ask him. He would also be available for adults attending the overlapping street party. We will have grass (Rob to arrange), gazebo (Rob), tables (Barbara and Jan), tea urn (Boo) and soft drinks (??), musicians (Rob to contact) and a small PA (Rob will talk to Ray and try to understand this), if all goes well.

Greening judges and prizes – Jan and Barbara will create a shortlist, and be joined by Pete West to judge between 22nd and 26th June. Prizes will be awarded, perhaps at the Street Party.

The Long Wall – Annie and Rob will meet with Harry Brignull to progress the local letter circulation.

AOB – Gina Citroni (Amplicon) and Marco -----? (Sainsbury’s) will be added to Reporter distribution list.

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