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RHS Minutes 2015-11-24

Minutes of the Round Hill Society meeting of 24th November 2015, at 55 Princes Road

Present: Annie, Barbara, Carol, Ted, Jan, Rob, and a little later Cllr Pete West. Apologies were received from Kate, Ray, Sandy and Bonnie.

Minutes of the October 2015 meeting were approved after the reference to 250 signatures of a petition necessary to get the Council to treat it seriously was removed. Cllr West had not mentioned a specific figure. This was in reference to a community garden/buildout at the south end of Crescent Road, which we agreed to drop as an issue, perhaps to replace it with more effort in getting better crossing provision at the Upper Lewes Road/ Ditchling Road junction. Other matters arising from the minutes were:

  • The dog stencil programme is being well received by residents, and there seem to be generally good results with the exception of Wakefield Rd where a known dog owner is still not co-operating. Cityclean have replaced on inadequate bin on a post at top Ashdown Rd with a free standing bin nearby.
  • We will include a summary of recycling info in the March Reporter. Rob will pass on Valentina’s details to Annie who will create a piece for next Reporter on the recent door-knocking done jointly with committee members and University of Brighton Student Union staff.
  • Pete West said that he thought the enforcement staff at Council would soon be pursuing unlicensed HMO landlords, and those operating outside of planning permission (in areas where density of HMOs is too high). The University of Brighton is holding a Great Debate, and we should engage them on the issue of overstudentisation and HMO quality in the city. We need to bring together our possible HMOs noticed last week.
  • Richmond House is expected to open on 14th December.
  • Barbara will take on the delivery round for the Reporters previously covered by Deborah, and Jan and Annie will support her.
  • Jan and Barbara will prepare a piece on Greening Round Hill for March Reporter. Annie and Jan will seek 2 rowans for Mayo Rd/ Rich Rd junction, one to replace broken one and the other for the brick planter.

The next meeting will be Wednesday 13th January at 36B Princes Rd (Carol’s), 8pm.

Seasonal singing. Ray will provide harmonica, Andrew Partington will bring melodeon if he is free, we will ask cellist. BHT letter has arrived, songsheets may be with Boo, Ted will check, and ensure there are sufficient copies. Rob will get shopping list for drinks to Ted. Jane may make mince pies, in which case the offer from Sainsbury’s should be converted to a hamper for BHT. There is some Playsafe squash available at Annie’s, who also has plastic glasses and some others.

Advent windows. Kate absent, but Barbara, Ted and Jane, Annie and Rob all having numbers.

101 RHC garden plan. It was turned down by Planning committee last week, but likely to return. A meeting for all concerned will be held at Annie’s this Thursday at 7.30pm.

Playsafe dates for 2016, None set yet but likely to start at Easter, and whole year’s dates will be sought in one signature collection event.

Noticeboards. We decided to seek two A2 weatherproof noticeboards, using more of our cash than the grant received. Rob will see if Tracy Harris (Mr) at Council’s sign makers can suggest a source.

Crime report. Bonnie sent the following November incidents

  • 2nd: window smashed in Wakefield Rd,
  • 9th: burglary to basement in RHC near cat creep - male arrested,
  • 10th: mountain bike stolen from car roof rack in Wakefield Rd,
  • 14th: tyres slashed on Upper Lewes Rd.

10pm business meeting closed

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