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RHS Minutes 2016-01-13

Minutes of RHS 13th January 2016 meeting at 36B Princes Rd, 8pm.

Present: Carol, Ted, Jan, Rob and PCSO Bonnie. Apologies from Sandy, Annie, Barbara, Ray, Kate and Cllr West.

Minutes of November 2015 meeting were summarised and approved without corrections.

Matters arising from November minutes: Contact Kate for future Playsafe dates.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 9th February, 8pm at Annie's

Tree planting event went well and can be seen in edited glory on the RHS website courtesy of Ted. Watch 4-min video clip on our Facebook page.

Seasonal singing failed on two attempts due to leaves on the line or some other weather related event. It was suggested that we try to end at the Jolly Poacher next year, so that even if it rains during event we can still adjourn somewhere dry for a drink and mince pie. Perhaps on an evening when the bar/restaurant would normally be shut?

Triangle AGM on 14th January at 7pm, Salvation Army building in Park Crescent. Annie and Ted attended, and Rob failed to. More on it at next meeting.

Two noticeboards - we agreed to go with the supply and fix price from BHCC signs people in Centurion Industrial Estate. Rob has said as much to the company, and asked about an internal header board with our name and web and Facebook addresses. Failed to ask if prices include VAT, which could add £140 to the bill of just uncer £700. Does this alter peoples view on acceptance?

University of Brighton Students Union/RHS joint doorknocking session: We have not followed up on this activity, either by checking student houses met are actually on Council list, or by planning any follow-up. Perhaps next time, after HMO meeting with Cllr Tracey Hill (3rd Feb).

Should the RHS collect money and make awards to local folk? (suggestion by a local resident) After summarising the e-mail discussion of members not present for the meeting, we quickly agreed this was beyond our constitutional brief and expertise. And might cause difficulties with donation collecting. Better to give money to bodies better set up to hand it out. Perhaps Annie would like to pass this decision on to the resident proposer?

Pavilion Liaison Group meeting 11am 19th January at Rich House. Annie has set up the first. Grant Henderson at Rich Ho will host meeting for Annie, Henry (Sandy's partner), Ted, Bobby Farside and up to 2 other residents along with Cllr West and PCSO Bonnie. We hope that Annie will get Grant to lead on setting up future meetings, and we hope that Pavilion might agree to store our barriers and cones for Playsafe events. The service has started, and some people seen arriving. All seems just fine.

Bonnie informed us of 3 December crime items hereabouts: a bike theft from Ashdown Rd, criminal damage to a car on Upper Lewes Rd and a burglary in Round Hill Crescent (Gyratory end) through front door (Yale lock only). Bonnie asked if anyone had spare blankets or sleeping bags which she might be able to offer to street sleepers - let her know direct. PCSO Bonnie also told us that the PCSO role is to change from July and all PCSOs will have to consider if they want this new role, and then apply for a job. This will happen as the total of Sx PCSOs fall from about 250 to about 180. We said if a glowing RHS reference would help we would willingly provide one.

Jane Power has created a The Round Hill Society Brighton UK Facebook site. Anyone can comment without joining, Jane is standing as gatekeeper for membership (and therefore posting) rights. Can find it direct or via link on website front page, next to PCSO Bonnie's photograph.

We also spoke about doing an Open Garden Trail event in summer, and perhaps promoting a Walking Group.

Meeting ended at a point when it was pouring down.

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