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RHS Minutes 2016-07-19

Minutes of RHS 19th July 2016 meeting, at Carol's

Apologies from Ray Knight, otherwise all committee present.

We agreed the Minutes of the June 2016 meeting as accurate.

We decided to hold the AGM two or three weeks into October, and will investigate a Saturday morning or weekday evening at both Richmond House (Annie) and the Salvation Army (Rob). The 4th October meeting previously to be held at Barbara's house will now be at Ted's. 6th September meeting at Rob's.

The Garden Gathering may have had 100 attendees and certainly had at least 2 student house groups. Michael and Lizzie's music was much appreciated - we will offer Michael a free advert in October Reporter, as well as a report on the event (Jan to write). Rob claimed his £7 expenses for certificates and envelopes. The event took about £85 in refreshment sales - notably Barbara's cakes. Peter Gates and Simon's music also enjoyed, and the bits with Jan, Rusty and Wendy. Jo's children activities were clearly enjoyed by lots of kids.

Kate described the JumbleTrail website and how it would run here on Round Hill. The woman who raised the idea may be in Sylvan Hall - she will be asked if she'd like to take a role in planning/doing the event (Kate).

July's Playsafe was best street clearance of cars, perhaps because Barbara started notices mid-week two weekends in advance of the event (Thursday 7th July for Sunday 17th July event). Mayor present again, and he will be there for halloween Playsafe too. £23 taken in refreshment sale. We agreed Kate should buy a first aid kit.

The Richmond House liaison group met with little to report, but decided to continue regular meetings (every 2 or 3 months) so that the system and people will be in place if and when they are needed. It may be that things are not being reported. A reminder will be part of the Richmond House report in next Reporter. Annie to write it, and cover the gardening work done (moving 4 cubic metres of compost and planting/watering in lots of plants (from Jenn and Marigold, Annie and Brigit of Warleigh Rd Garden House)). Site has potential for community composting scheme, and Kate suggested approaching Sainsbury's for grant under plastic bag local community initative.

Sainsbury planter plans - no developments.

Two incidents of tagging on the Long Wall have been swiftly painted out by Harry. We have a report of a new mural in North Liaine which may offer an artist. Rob to explore cost. Next Reporter may be used (along with AGM) to ask for images/photos to be considered for adaptation/use in a Round Hill mural. Rob will update Sylvan Hall RA and the Triangle.

Two 100yr plus elms are being removed on the Upper Lewes Road, notices refer to Dutch Elm Disease. We will seek info on their replacement with new trees, and explore any cost implications with Council. An article will appear in October Reporter on ULR and its elms (Rob). The article will reference anniversary of the disease, and seek comments ffrom Council/Councillors. RHS and Sylvan Hall worked together to plant a potentially disease resistant elm at Sylvan Hall. It is part of a national project, and it will be monitored over time.

AOB: We agreed to make Seasonal Singing collection for Mayor West's Charities. More doggy-do stencilling needed, Annie, Sandy and Albert will tackle. Jan has suggested a dog show and will pursue ideas, including getting our Surrey Police dog-handler involved. Ted reported that the Belton Rd/Crescent RD backland application is not on July's planning committee agenda.

Meeting closed at 9.08pm, though conversation and wine continued to flow for some time thereafter.

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