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RHS Minutes 2016-09-06

Apologies: Sandy , Ray, Carol and Bonnie. Present: Ted, Annie, Barbara, Kate, Jan and Rob, plus two people from the UoS Housing Office - Clare Peace (Homestay Prog) and Lucy Walker (Community Engagement) just for 20 minutes.

The Minutes of the July 2016 meeting were reprised and approved.

Dates for October, November and December meetings: Tuesday 4th Oct at Annie's, Tuesday 1st Nov at Ted's, and Tuesday 6th Dec at Jan's.

Discussion of Student issues with UoS reps: We learnt that UoS students move-ins is this weekend coming, and then UoB is the following weekend. Their Lewes Rd office has a Facebook page (University of Sussex Housing Office). We discussed advising on refuse and recycling in next Reporter, mentioning extra black boxes and bigger wheelie bins, charity shops that will take items to be put out of house, try asking permanent neighbours if they will hold the items until next students arrive, if you are looking for local babysitting try calling in to one of our Playsafe events, and if you need gardening tools or other rarely used kit try a neighbour, or ask to borrow via our Round Hill Community Noticeboard on Facebook. Furniture and household wares often available for free or low cost here as well. Clare said she'd like to take an advert for Homestay in October Reporter, and they have space in their window for A4 notices, may be able to mention our Round Hill ether contacts (website and facebooks).

AGM planning: Saturday 15th October. Perhaps 11 to 12 at Pavilions, rather than 2 hours. Must end by 12.30pm. Ask Pavilions to give us an intro to their work. Keep whole thing light, business of Accounts, other items include: Playsafe, Tree Planting, Mural ideas, Planning matters and election of officers. We to contact potential new committee members including Peter Meakins and Miriam of old pub. It will front of Reporter.

Playsafe event: Sunday 18th Sept 3 to 5pm. Kath will help set up and take down, enough people have volunteered in Kate's absence. Kate will do posters soon, and Barbara will put up notices this weekend, and cut back growth beside seating fence (Annie will help if available). No cake from Barbara this time but Kate will call for others to provide nibbles. Tea? Miriam?

New Treasurer: Carol announced her decision to give up Treasurer-ship a few weeks ago as she plans to move away. Barbara has agreed to take over, Rob to find date for us to visit Nationwide as threesome (Annie as well) to change signatures one weekday mid-morning. Need to inform Maslens.

October Reporter content: Annie to write about Pavilions and our co-operative activities, and the need to report incidents (Annie described a recent incident in which a person collapsed in D'Aubigny Rd and Pavilions reception showed no interest until Annie said he might be staff (he was, mentor, ex-client, perhaps diabetic hypoglycaemic attack, 2 hours treatment on the road). New site manager (Libby) has been back to Annie apologising for response and promising extra staff training. Rob on loss of 2 trees and history of tree losses, Guide to living in Round Hill for new residents (see students above), AGM on front page, Jan on garden gathering, and on recent Dog Show, and possible May show on Round Hill, Kate on Playsafe and halloween event with mayor, Rob on Mural images/ideas from residents (link up with Council taking weed control back, and John (streetcleaner) asking where we might not want spraying), crime stats from Bonnie, advert from Martha Gunn?, piece on recent Fox Boom from Annie. (Rob to get deliverers details to Jan for new bagging and distribution system.)

CAG and RHS: We agreed to take no action on filling seat until someone steps up.

AOB: Jumble Trail will come again in Spring says Kate, Jan outlined a dogshow with extras including cakes, books, plants and offer of stalls to all comers. Annie to ask Surrey Doghandler to join in, Simon will do PA system, may call for doggy details (amusing?) in March Reporter Possible date 21st May at Pavilions car park and frontage. Composting meeting with Annie, Rob and Georgia from Pavilions on 14th September 3pm. CUPP/Home Energy survey may happen, but no recent word from UoB - awaiting word. Annie and Sandy doing dog stencilling after meeting at Sandy's home 11am Monday 12th September (all welcome). Meeting potential mural artist Daryl at site with Barry (Sylvan Hall) and Annie, perhaps Maureen, 10.30 friday morning 9th Sept.

Seasonal singing date: Try Thursday 15th December for Andy Partington to join us. Barbara has promise of 4 buckets to decorate.

Planning: 101 Round Hill Crescent is 'minded to grant' and due to be at planning 14th Sept. Annie urging those against to be there to speak at the meeting. Crescent Rd - the developer has been making changes to plans after consultation period has ended - not good practise. Chris Swain (planning officer) says its likely to come up in October. 19a Round Hill Crescent, a grade 2 listed building, has had uPVC basement windows installed, against planning rules.

Drs Smallbone and Wyche at UoB have air quality monitoring kit, and Jane Power has approached them to see if they might consider examining air pollution from Refuse Transfer Station. A student (Cameron) has expressed interest in following this idea up. Jane awaits more information.

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