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RHS Minutes 2016-10-04

Minutes of The RHS Meeting held at Annie's, 8 D'Abigny Rd, 8pm on Tuesday 4th October 2016

Present: Annie, Jan, Sandy and Rob attended.

Apologies: from Barbara, Kate and Ted.

The Minutes of the September 2016 meeting were approved with the following observations:

  • The Surrey Police dog-handler's wife has assured Annie that her husband will be a judge at the proposed dog show in the spring. Gina Citroni of Amplicon may also be willing. Sandy's Henry will marshall.
  • Playsafe needs some new activities to increase participation, we considered skipping rope, slalom for bikes and scooters (cones needed) and giant hoopla with hula hoops and bollards. For next year?
  • The Argus want to follow up the pilot Council-RHS dog excrement control stencil strategy. Perhaps we can use this lever to get payment for spray paint from Council? Sandy to explore.

Next meetings are already set -

  • 1st November @ Teds
  • 6th December @ Jans.

AGM last details:

  • Nominations and seconders sheet will be completed at the venue first thing. We will ask Peter Meakins (Rob), Miriam (Annie to ask Kate and barbara to make contact), and Issy (who is following up her e-mail to Kate?) to join us on the committee.
  • All existing committee except Carol Hall, are assumed to be willing to stand again, though not all can be at the AGM.
  • Carol will do her final thing by presenting annual accounts in absence of new Treasurer Barbara.
  • Elspeth from DRARA has asked if she can attend as a neighbouring community group rep
  • Rob will also invite Sylvan Hall and Triangle reps.
  • Annie to get a Pavilions person to outline their role and place in our community. Annie will also run through the year's activities.
  • Long Wall discussion hoped for - possible commissioned historical mural for £1600 (only about 20 feet of wall's considerably greater length (over 200 feet)). Possible stencil and freehand forest theme for the rest? Still hoping to plant ivy/Boston ivy/Virginia creeper at intervals along foot of wall.
  • Tea and biscuits (plain choc digestives) to be brought by Annie.
  • Announce an autumn clear-up on morning of Halloween Playsafe (Sunday 30th October).

Seasonal Singing event: Andrew Partington can accompany us on 15th December. Route to start bottom of cat creep, Ashdown Rd, Richmond Rd, Crescent Rd to Ted and Jane's for refreshments (need them to agree that last bit). Annie to ask Chris at sainsburys for mince pies and makings for mulled wine (cheap red, Spanish brandy, orange juice and cinnamon). Mayor's charities for proceeds. Details with route map on front of December Reporter.

Community Composting possibility: Pavilions have agreed use of their site but volunteers needed to use and run it. One name come forward following October Reporter distribution. More needed.

HMO meeting feedback: Annie and Barbara attended Cllr Tracey Hill's meeting in Hollingdean. It was dominated by Helen of Triangle who suffers very badly from surrounding student parties. It was clear that Round Hill does not have level of issues in other areas including Triangle, Moulsecoomb and Bevendean. City Plan part 2 needs clearer responsibility of the 2 universities (both in expansion mode for students, but not matching housing provision, they plan 12,000 more students over next 3 years) and landlords for quality of properties. We proposed creating a map showing all HMOs in Round Hill and surrounding streets to aid campaigning. Still feel that living in the community without either landlord or students paying towards that community is wrong.


  • Three bike thefts reported to police in September said Bonnie. 1st and 19th from Upper Lewes Rd and 20th from rack in Ashdown Rd (that one reportedly worth £500).
  • UoB Home Energy project might still go ahead. Rob has recently been contacted by Dr Emmanuel Aboagye-Nimo, Admissions Tutor for Built Environment Courses, Built Environment and Civil Engineering Division, School of Environment and Technology, University of Brighton, who has some enthusiastic students willing to thermal image houses, assess internal issues and interview householders.
  • We need to remove e-mail address from our website as it is not serviced - ask David for help. We also need a proper usable address. Kate has hers on Reporter, I will add mine.
  • Two Round Hill residents have voiced concern to Rob about a structure a neighbour has built in front garden - Rob will ask them to talk directly to neighbour, and contact planners if necessary.
  • We considered a 'Mess of the Month' Award - photo of badly managed/kept frontage - to shame folk into improvement.
  • Next Reporter to contain: Summary of Playsafe Events and its future, Dog Stencils and the Argus, Winter bird feeding, AGM report, Seasonal singing event, Pavilions life story, Benji Dogshow in Spring, The Long Wall future.

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