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RHS Minutes 2016-11-01

Minutes of RHS meeting of 1st Nov 2016 at Ted's.

Present: Ted, Sandy, Kate, Barbara, Rob and Jan. Apologies from Peter, Ray, Annie and (a little later) Miriam.

Sandy chaired and we agreed the Minutes of the October 2016 meeting without amendment.

Future meeting dates and places:

  • Tuesday 6th Dec at Jan's (58 Rich Rd) previously agreed.
  • Tuesday 10th Jan at Barbara's (14 Mayo Rd) and
  • Tuesday 21st Feb at Sandy's (47 RHC).

AGM wash-up: After some discussion, including notes provided by Annie in her absence, we decided the next AGM needs:

  • More notice, perhaps months;
  • publicity at earlier events and via social media, to include trawling for new committee members;
  • a speaker as an additional attraction, or possibly a quiz;
  • a location with wine possible. In addition we agreed to see if Jolly Poacher might open on its normally closed monday for
  • our meeting.

Clean-up report:

  • Ten folk gathered, supported by Joe and her colleague from City Clean, and we cut down a lot of vegetation growing out over public paths, and picked up some trash from the street, but noted City Clean guys not keen to take bulky waste which people abandon on the street (though they were talked into taking a few big items).
  • More dog stencilling was done, but there seems to be a growing issue on RHC at eastern end. We discussed additional action we could take, including a photo quiz called: 'Who's poo are you?'.

Playsafe report:

  • Lots of children and their parents attended, demonstrating the value of a popular activity.
  • Donuts on string activity, cakes, the Mayor (his last engagement of the day so he could stay, thank you Pete) and pumpkin carving.
  • £35 taken in refreshment sales. Dates for next year will be sorted soon.

Seasonal singing:

  • Cover of Dec Reporter will have map of route and start time, and refreshments outside Ted and Jane's.
  • Barbara will collect buckets for decoration at next committee meeting - You know who you are.
  • Annie is seeing if Sainsburys might provide some wine, mince pies, Spanish brandy, cinnamon, orange juice (more?) for the day, otherwise Rob will buy mulled wine ingredients, and, if directed, mince pies.
  • Ted has many copies of word-sheets, Andrew Partington has agreed to play music to support singers.

Dec Reporter content:

  • Singing on cover
  • clearer outline of proposed composting scheme and what it needs to go ahead,
  • Playsafe and Clean-up photos to Rob please, Sandy on recent increase of dog excement left on streets,
  • Jan to provide article on feeding the birds in the winter, Jan to write advance notice piece for DogShow (on Sunday 21st May at Pavilions open space - if permission obtained??)
  • a new e-mail contact and new listing of committee members with some contact details - address, phone, e-mail?? Peter and Miriam - PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU ARE HAPPY TO SHARE,
  • probably no article on long wall, but Rob to draft a letter for people living opposite it, seeking their thoughts, ideas, support and approval.
  • We talked a little about the Triangle idea of arranging activities to engage positively with student residents, but came to no particular conclusion.


  • Cath K was gathering names for the Window Advent Dressing during Playsafe, and we will offer to support/promote with website, Facebook page(s), noticeboards and windows. Rob to make offer.
  • Ted agreed to take Rob's map of conservation area and blow it up for us to use in mapping HMOs.
  • Bonnie reported (by e-mail) several car related criminal activities on 23rd October, and some reports of possible drug dealing on cat creep. She warned a woman to stay away, woman was a client of Pavilions, Bonnie expressed surprise she was not part of local liaison group.
  • Ted will write to Dave Guest to discuss better e-mail contact on website, and other improvements to usability.

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