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RHS Minutes 2017-02-21

Minutes of RHS meeting of 21st Feb 2017 at Sandy's

Apology received from Annie.

Those present: Ted, Sandy, Miriam, Kate, Barbara, Jan and Rob were present. Peter set out but went to the wrong address.

Minutes of January 2017 meeting were approved without amendment after a brief review.

Matters arising: A third letter has been received from opposite the long wall. The writer also favours green planting.

Next meetings: We added a June meeting date:
27th March 2017 at Annie’s,
9th May 2017 at Rob's and
20th June 2017 at Jan’s.
Jan has extended an invitation to spouses of committee members to join a social gathering before the start of the June meeting ]

Reports of anti-social behaviour

  • We discussed incidents of anti-social behaviour in Round Hill Crescent, which we felt should be reported. This has been done. Update: our new PC (PC Megan) has responded by promising to increase the patrols in the area. Residents will be encouraged to report further incidents directly using the 101 number if they have already happened or 999 if something that is clearly a crime is in progress.
  • A recent event in Mayo Rd was cited where a resident disturbed by party noise was vocal in her annoyance and resolved to call the police. This led to a prompt quieting on instructions from the party host.


Dog Poo Posters: Miriam will photocopy her design, Rob will try laminating and otherwise protecting some samples for display and weather-testing.

Pavilions Community Meeting: Sandy’s report: we learned that interviews for Grant's replacement were to take place the following week, that Annie had gained agreement that we could use their compost and that part of the value of the meeting was that it strengthened/preserved the link between the local area and Pavilions. Annie also raised an issue re alcohol left by clients in gardens for the duration of their visit to Pavilions.

Sussex University Renting in the Community Day: Barbara reported that she and Annie attended, met Maureen from the Triangle and a woman from Coombe Road Local Action Team (LAT). Annie had produced a side of A4 hand-out of tips and advice, they thought that perhaps a joint one with Triangle and Coombe Rd LAT might be useful. Students seemed ignorant of HMOs and the associated rules for their protection.

Veolia's approach to attend a RHS committee meeting: we discussed the idea, which seems to have arisen because we have not sent delegate to the Veolia Community Liaison meetings for some time, and agreed that it would only be useful if Veolia had some new ideas for noise and odour control to pass on or discuss. We talked about reasons for problems, and Rob was assigned the task of passing on our thoughts to Steve Usher at Veolia.

Dog Show: Jan is seeking a bold rope to mark out the arena, and a megaphone or PA to inform/involve the audience.

Planters: We agreed that £30 should be available for plants as requested by Annie . Both you and Miriam offered to assist in planting when you are available.

The meeting ended at 10pm

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