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RHS Minutes 2017-03-27

Minutes of RHS meeting of 27th March 2017 @ Annie's

Apologies and attendance: Ray, Miriam and Kate sent apologies. Peter, Barbara, Sandy Annie, Jan, Ted and Rob were present.

We agreed the minutes of the February 2017 meeting were an accurate record of the event.

  • A Long Wall update was requested and Rob said that the only preferred options of the nearest residents was plain paint and planting, another painter-outer has done some tagging overpainting and varigated ivies will be planted in April.
  • PCSOs Megan and Aiden did generate a letter and deliver to residents of RHC and D'Aubigny Rd on the matter of thrown bottles, eggs and fruit, urging folk to report any further events.

Dates of future meetings: Tue 9th May at Rob's, Tue 20th June at Jan's, Thurs 27th July at Ted's

Dog Show planning: Date: May 21st. at 2.30-3.30pm when the street play event starts. Jan has done a lot of scoping out of the event and we pushed things on as follows –

  • Bunting to replace rope for defining the arena;
  • Annie will tackle the poster draft, including invitation to residents to contact Round Hill Society if stall desired, and to give examples of some dog show events;
  • Stallholders to bring own tables, and be responsible for taking away all gear at end; Stalls to be free;
  • No end time of the show to be indicated on the poster to encourage early attendance;
  • Jan will pursue Simon's offer of a PA, to ensure we have it, know how to use it, and ideally can play recorded music through it as well as speak;
  • Dog entries ( 10 per class) to be entered on one big sheet of paper on arrival rather than lots of forms;
  • Rob to provide clipboard for 2 judges and their recorder;
  • an initial poster to go up in Round Hill as soon as possible, a more specific one may be created later.

Planning issues:

  • Carelet: 30th March deadline for comments on changed gatehouse design. It is smaller, no longer in keeping with the terrace and overly utilitarian.
  • 4 D'Aubigny Rd gable window planning application has been turned down on the grounds that the overlooking is unneighbourly. It is to be hoped that the Council would apply the same ground for refusal once again if there is another application for new-build on this site but even moreso given closer proximity to the rear of RHC. Concerned residents will emphasise value of long views, and clarify situation re lack of a Number 2 D'Aubigny Rd (No 4 is number 2, but was changed when No6 was built across two plots), and explore loss of light issues.
  • Backlands (28 Crescent Rd): The site is now being marketed via Fludes commercial as well as Rightmove. Possible commercial use is also part of Fludes description, as an alternative to the 4 dwelling permission – but does the inflated price make commercial use likely?

Content of published Minutes:

For some time the minutes have been available to the public via the Round Hill website. While Rob will continue to write very detailed minutes for the committee, it was felt that it would be helpful to curtail some of the detail in order to highlight the key points and outcomes of discussion for wider distribution. Sandy will take this on and this will be reviewed later.

AOB items:

  • Police Commissioners leaflet: describes reduced spend on police officers and PCSOs and higher spend on other staff. We wonder what this will mean to police effectiveness, especially since we have heard of unanswered 101 calls peaking at 26% last September. Annie and Sandy will speak to Cllr Emma Daniels and write to the Commissioner.
  • Dog Poo: Annie will ask Council if we can have some of their recently spotted posters as it would be cheaper than our printing them and has the value of the BHCC logo on it.
  • Ditchling/Viaduct/ULR junction crossing issues: Peter has picked this up after a 15 year hiatus. He knows that a simple change in light timings would give a safe crossing period for people on the north side of the junction to go east or west, and there are no buses to disturb, as the Council once objected. Article needed for June Reporter. Ted reminded us that Cllr West had suggested we collect signatures at the junction for a petition. Rob will send electronic headed paper to Peter.
  • Tagging graffiti: Annie noted that Council now only remove racist or sexist stuff. She proposes we approach homes which have been tagged less offensively, and where it has remained, offering to paint it out ourselves (in a similar colour, perhaps not identical). Perhaps we should also seek to be part of any BHCC anti-graffiti event, such as one held recently.
  • New Committee members: Jan suggested regular Reporter articles about role of members to attract new blood. Existing members might also seek out potential members and encourage them.

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