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RHS Minutes 2017-05-09

Minutes of RHS meeting 9th May 2017 at Rob's

Apologies from Peter, Miriam and (though unseen at teh time) Annie. Ted, Sandy, Kate, Barbara Jan and Rob present.

The minutes of the March 2017 meeting were approved without amendment. Matters arising: Dog fouling posters, either from Council (Annie was to pursue) or based on Miriam's artwork, have not happened. Rob to ask Miriam for her artwork.

Next meetings: 20th June 2017 at Jan's, from 6.30 in garden with partners for socialising (meeting from 8pm; 27th July 2017 at Ted's. No August meeting, no other dates set.

Long Wall: Rob will co-ordinate a small group to paint and plant ivy, ideally during May. Harry brignull has expressed interest, as has Annie. Others will be sought. Probably early Saturday. Strands of rooted ivy gratefully received, especially varigated or unusual leaf shapes. Giant steel nail borrowed for hole making.

Dog Show 21st May 2017: Jan has made progress with a poster a week and entry forms and tables. PA system from neighbour Simon and electricity from Miriam need confirming, still seeking second (female ) judge. Barbara preparing letters for neighbourhood with car removal time being 1.30pm, and obtaining rosettes. It seems stalls are unlikely to appear. Rob to get bunting to Barbara for roping off show area. Kate to co-ordinate marshalls. Jan will buy things and Barbara will arrange repayment.

June 2017 Reporter content: Jumble Trail map and details on joining (Kate), Starlings (Jan to write), PCC letter and our response, either verbatim or paraphrased, plus link to Katy Bourne's video (Sandy), Promoting the committee - to join or make use of to promote a community action (Kate and Rob and anyone else with thoughts), Street play dates, and report on the first of the year.

Police, policing and recent street issues: Sandy told us of the poor quality response from the office of Katy Bournethe PCC for Sussex, and of a website where she can be viewed. We discussed inviting her to our AGM, or possibly a bigger multi-group meeting. The Hockey-masked late night door knocker man was talked about.

Pavilions liaison meeting: New staff in place. Libby Carter has taken Grant's role, and a new member called helen has joined the team. Few incidents to report. Thought we might offer to supply some plants for their garden, and assist in planting. Spoke of inviting a member of their team to attend a RHS committee meeting.

Jumble Trail: 11th June 2017. Kate, Jane and Laura-Kate co-ordinating the trail, with poster and web publicity.

Thermal Imaging: The University of Brighton co-operative endeavour seems to have ground to a halt. Rob has been unable to identify anyone who has heard from the University post receiving a thermal picture of their home. Perhaps we did not answer their questions, so they thought interest was absent. perhaps the uni failed to engage students to make contact. Rob has not had much success talking to Emmanuel at Watts building (the link academic).

Street Play report: Good turnout despite weather, all cakes and biscuits sold though at half price (fear of having lots left over what with bad weather, but folk came) £16 raised. Dr Bike did 2 hours busy trade, and received £30 from our funds. Several parents came with children, only to return home for their bikes. A bottle rocket and barbeque for toasted marshmallows also made an appearance. New faces were seen.

Planning application to build over the beer garden at the Signalman was discussed. Ted observed that 130 objections received so far, but we still have time to submit our personal ones (by 15th may I think).

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