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RHS Minutes 2017-07-27

Minutes of RHS Meeting on Thursday 27th July 2017 at Ted's

Present: Sandy, Barbara, Ted, Annie, Jan, Miriam and Rob.  Apologies from Peter and Kate.

Annie summarised the Minutes of June 2017 meeting and they were approved as a true record.

Matters arising:

  • Dog Poo A5 poster ( several different versions) to be weatherproofed and put up.  Miriam will provide copies of Bassett Hound one and others from BHCC website. Rob will seek laminating from UoS shop. Annie and Sandy offered to put them up.
  • PCC Reply letter will be edited by Sandy and put in context, re the effort in getting a reply, for next Round Hill Reporter, Ted will put the complete letter on website.
  • Gerry Ingrams site development - Annie will draft RHS response, others will offer content and read draft before it is submitted by RHS (also for the application re The Lectern as soon as it appears).
  • The Upper Lewes Rd/Ditchling Rd junction deferred to next agenda as Peter is absent.

Future meeting date:  Tues 5th Sept at Barbara’s

AGM planning: Since “AGM” sounds formal and potentially unriveting, we will conceive of the event as a community meeting to broaden its appeal. Points to consider:

  • Which local issues /concerns should be on the agenda?
  • Which day and time are likely to encourage attendance?
  • Would the Martha Gunn be willing to host the meeting in early October? A quiet space is required. (Rob)
  • Refreshments
  • How to manage the formal elements of the AGM, on line where possible ( including election of committee members, financial reports and a summary of our work in 2016-17.)
  • How to contact residents to ascertain agenda issues and to publicise date and time—suggestions included the Round Hill Reporter, the Facebook Community Noticeboard, communication at Street Play and Round Hill Readers/book club, Social Media ( Miriam), a flyer posted through letter boxes(?)
  • A cash draw involving numbered copies of the RH Reporter to encourage attendance

October Round Hill Reporter (our printed newsletter): to include

  • Community Get-together (front page),
  • Extracts from PCC letter (Sandy),
  • Round Hill Readers report (Annie and Kate),
  • Herring Gulls (Jan) and feeding birds in winter (Jan),
  • advice on waste management and recycling ( Rob?)
  • Illegal parking and what you can do (Sandy),
  • RH Open Gardens and Jumble Trail (Jane),
  • Security Update (Miriam, Ted & Jane, Annie),
  • check police for stats (Rob),
  • Shout about RH Community Noticeboard on Facebook on front page (Miriam will explain how it can be used without user appearing on social media).


Other possible content: Jan on the Golf ball factory.

Ideas for exploration: an on-line history trail for Round hill - all could help, clues to be given (Miriam's link to digitised census data by address, Ted can gather info generated, and app is available to put stuff onto smartphones based on GPS location).  History of the Martha Gunn pub and the woman.

We decided not to get involved with 9th and 10th Sept local walks plans - Rob will inform other participants.


We will not be applying for a table at the University of Sussex Freshers Community and Wellbeing event.

Big wheelie bins needed for three HMOs in Mayo Rd (7,8 and 9) - Annie will pursue this with Damian.

Chris Sharp (manager of Sainsburys) has suggested we might plant his cleared beds.  Sainsburys also to clear litter from steep bank below Richmond House.

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