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RHS Minutes 2017-10-19 AGM

Minutes of RHS AGM held on 19th October 2017


After cake/biscuits and tea/soft drink we gathered at 7.05pm to hear Annie Rimington welcome the 37 people present, introduce the raffle procedure and outline the agenda.

Community Safety Fund

Sandy Thomas spoke about the possible Community Safety Bid, the kinds of things it might embrace and invited comments. People spoke of car vandalism, rat-running through Round Hill, drug-dealing houses and lack of police action, door to door con-persons seeking money, bicycle, motorcycle and Kayak theft, fly-tipping, grafitti/tagging and phone and e-mail scams.

Possible improvements included a pedestrian crossing on the Upper Lewes Rd, private webcams covering streets, apps like 'Fix My Street', and the Council/CityClean twitter and online reporting systems for fly-tip reporting.

Annie asked for anyone interested in taking these ideas forward and firming up a plan to pass their names to Sandy, and a number of people indicated interest. A leaflet summarising the Community Safety Bid, prepared by Ted Power, was circulated.

Continued nuisances from Hollingdean Waste Transfer Station

Ted then outlined the issues behind the smell and dust problems with the waste transfer station, the lack of realistic solutions to these problems, potential offered by separate waste food collection, but the basis issue of it being a poor building in the wrong place. See leaflet given out during the meeting.

Others added extra views - that the perfume used to mask the rotting food odour is as bad as the problem, that we would need allies from other adjacent areas if a long term campaign for closure is to be attempted, that identifying health risks would give the campaign greater strength and that the smell reporting system seems to be little more than a displacement activity, which results in no changes. A number of people interested in meeting to pursue the idea of a long term campaign were identified.

Pavement weeds - Hebicide use or non-use

Herbicide use for street weeds: Kate Rice, who had arranged a simple poll on our Facebook Community Noticeboard, described the results (18 against its use, 10 OK with its use but only 2 volunteers to help with weeding activity).

Lots of people expressed interest in helping with twice or 3 times a year weeding activity, after others spoke of previous events, the work involved but also the pleasure in community activity, and the Council's role in taking away the collected greenwaste. It did become clear that the Council's position on herbicide use is not fully known to us, and that we should seek further information.

Other issues raised:

  • Shaws Glass broken glass collections, including raising and dropping their giant skip several times to further reduce glass sizes, at unreasonalby early hours, such as 4 and 5am. The society will approach Shaws about this.
  • Mayo Road parties: some have been going on far too long and loud. Party noise is not restricted to Mayo Road.
  • Need for a safe crossing on the Upper Lewes Road - perhaps west end of Round Hill Crescent.
  • Possibility of Community Bins for rest of Round Hill. Issue does divide opinion, with mention of dumping beside them and lost parking spaces. This point moved onto CityClean proposal to provide wheelie bins for recycling, originally planned to happen in April 17, but now shelved amid new concerns within CityClean.
  • It was suggested that we make more use of Richmond House for community meetings - Annie said she would follow up.
  • Perhaps the Society could help landlords to better prepare new tenants for community living?
  • Dogs left outside for extended periods, barking a lot.
  • The long wall, overpainting the grafitti and tagging not effective, need better solution. This led to a discussion about more artwork, and its potential cost and possible poor reception to neighbours opposite (the most affected), the plan to plant more a bigger climbers, and the idea of painting an ivy mural. This was well received.
  • New dog fouling posters shown and availablity of stencils mentioned. Print your own by clicking on the picture below:

Dogs Failure to pick up after a dog has fouled a public open space (such as a pavement, road, park, field, or the beach) could cost the owner a fine of up to £1000. Our Council's Animal Warden Team page links to PDF posters which residents are invited to print and display.

Information on what to do about regular problems with dog waste is given here. Incident reporting can be done at this link under the category 'cleaning'.

Click on the mini-picture to the left for a large PDF version which can be printed and displayed. 



Round Hill Society Accounts 

The accounts were outlined by Barbara Harris, our treasurer. We have money but need to ensure a steady income. Putting Reporter advert prices on the Reporter might help.

Future Community Events

We asked for ideas for future community events. Many existing activities were praised, and

  • the idea of extending some with little extras was mentioned - for example singing event, book stalls or plant swaps with Playsafe.
  • Jumble trail, Dog Show, Seasonal Singing, Advent windows, Open Garden Events, Front garden/steps planting all spoken about enthusiastically.
  • Soapbox cart racing proposed for children.

Election of Round Hill Society Committee for 2017-2018

Committee election: Annie said two committee members were standing down and would be missed (Sandy Thomas and Peter Meakins) and new members were encouraged to step up. Ray Knight offered to continue, one-time committee member Viviene Eliades stepped forward to join us again, and three new people offered to join: Eva Wendler, Stephania Rosso and Kate Wolstenholme. The whole list was elected by a clear raised hands vote.

Other Business

The meeting also voted to put Rob Stephenson forward for the City's Commemorative Plaque Panel.

The membership Secretary of the Brighton and Hove Heritage Commission (Barry Hughes) invited people with a local history interest to become individual members of the Commission.

The meeting ended just after 8.30pm with a flurry of chair moving and washing up.

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