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This is the latest version of the Round Hill society website, introduced at the beginning of 2009.

Why change?
The new site includes a number of improvements. Firstly, we have overhauled the organisation of the site into the sections shown on the left and removed the sections that we found were not being used so often. You will notice that we've also moved the navigation links to the left-hand side of the page which we think will support more intuitive browsing by visitors to the site.

The archives section is new as well and will enable us to keep old stories and items on the site that are no longer relevant but may be of historical interest.

At long last, every past issue of the Round Hill Reporter is available to download as a PDF.

Looking for something
The search facility has also been improved. The results show a clear distinction between pages with search terms in the title and those where the terms only match the text and the number of matches is shown too. You can also now search on specific phrases ("included in quotation marks").

If you're not looking for something specific but would like to browse through the site for items of interest, you may be interested in the new site directory which provides a full list of all the pages on the site.

Furthermore, it's easier to keep an eye on the pages that have changed recently. For visitors who don't use the RSS feed, there is now a page detailing the latest updates to the site so you can quickly check for new information.

Behind the scenes
There are even more changes behind the scenes to make it easier for the site administrators (Ted and Dave, well, okay, mainly Ted) to update pages, move them to the relevant sections and manage the comments facility.

We would like to hear your views so please let us know what you think about the changes we've introduced as well as any other suggestions you may have for the site.
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