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Snow in Round Hill

Princes Road on the morning of Monday 2nd February 2009.

Princes Road

Crescent Road and the snow is thickening.

Crescent Road

Wakefield Road and not many cars moving.

Wakefield Road

The Cats Creep steps and no sign of any cats.

The Cats Creep

East of the Cats Creep and the sycamores still standing.

East of The Cats Creep

West of the Cats Creep and an orchard still waiting.

West of The Cats Creep

Roundhill Crescent and a quiet Upper Lewes Road.

Roundhill Crescent

A red telephone box, perculiar in its Regency setting, collects snow.

Roundhill Crescent

People playing in the street - peculiar these days.

Roundhill Crescent

Ashdown Road - reclaimed by pedestrians.

Ashdown Road

The snow spells DEFEAT for vans and cars.

Ashdown Road

The joys of public open space come to Round Hill.

Ashdown Road

The former Victoria Pub awaits possible conversion into two houses.

Richmond Road

The former Esso Garage site awaits its fate.

D Aubigny Road

D'Aubigny Road has decided to go nowhere.

D Aubigny Road

Nothing stirs and it would normally be a working day.

D Aubigny Road

But Roundhill Crescent has rediscovered play.

Roundhill Crescent and D Aubigny Road

They're taking on the residents of Upper Lewes Road.

Roundhill Crescent and Upper Lewes Road

The battle lines have been drawn.

Upper Lewes Road

Even the main roads have been reclaimed.

Upper Lewes Road

And quantities of snow collected for the fight.

Upper Lewes Road

No buses, so there are an unusual number of walkers.

Upper Lewes Road

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