Gardens & wildlife

Snow in our neighbouring suburbs

Lewes Road on the morning of Monday 2nd February 2009.

Lewes Road and Elm Grove

Traffic volume is beginning to rebuild.

Lewes Road towards St Peters Church

But there are plenty of walkers enjoying the Level.

The Level

How do we promote use of this open space?

The Level

Skateboard parks, swings, roundabouts...SNOW!

The Level

It's a dog's life!

The Level

And there's community for dogs too.

The Level

St Peter's Church - what will become of it?

St Peters Church

And the elm trees - how long will they survive?

The Level

A tunnel of trees next to a busy highway - not so busy today.

The Level

Traffic builds on Ditchling Road.

Ditchling Road

But there are still no buses, in spite of info to the contrary.

The Open Market

London Road is similarly bus free.

London Road

The grand old Duke of York!

Duke of Yorks Picture House

Clyde Road is looking Bonnie.

Clyde Road

And the surrounding streets are enjoying new life.

just off Clyde Road

Sainsbury's shoppers have to leave the car at home.

Clyde Road

St Peter's has also become a public open space.

off Clyde Road

Vere Road is reclaimed by snowball fighters.

Vere Road

Containing the car!

Vere Road

Ditchling Rise rises up.

Ditchling Rise

The flat part of Ditchling Road welcomes the cyclist!

Ditchling Road

New forms of transport.

Ditchling Road and Princes Road

Princes Road residents... fighting again.

Princes Road
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