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Veolia 2006-permission granted

Approval of  Veolia's application BH2006/00900

Summary of Veolia's application which was approved by 8:4 by members of the Council's Planning Applications Sub-Committee on 19th June 2006

How to view the 53 planning conditions originally set in 2006

Click on BH2006/00900, change "show all" to "decision" and click on the green label APPLY to see the DECISION showing the original 53 planning conditions. Note the conditions which have now been dropped. There are 4 DECISION documents. Download the 2nd or 3rd since the 1st and 4th are dead links.

The conditions which got the application are documented if you can steer round the dead links. Several of the conditions relating to the amenity of local residents have now been dropped.

Application number: BH2006/00900
Address of proposal:
Former Abattoir and Depot Site Hollingdean Lane Brighton
Construction and operation of a Materials Recovery Facility, Waste Transfer Station and Visitor Centre/Office building and ancillary infrastructure including gatehouse building and weighbridge, parking and highway revisions including creation of new access off Upper Hollingdean Road. Revised application to BH2005/00304/FP - main differences between this new revised scheme and the previous: a new extended covered way to MRF building over vehicular access adjacent to Downs Infant School and clarification that the maximum capacity applied for is 160,000 tonnes per annum (not 200,000). Revised information submitted including revised Environmental Statement.

The complete application
Click here for access to full planning application details including Design Statement, drawings, Environmental Statement, Transport Assessment, Road Safety Audit, Alternative Site Report.

The Hollingdean Depot Application  BH2006/00900  was registered on 27th March 2006

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