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Veolia 2013-Council planning conditions

Conditions for Veolia's
Materials Recovery Facility and Waste Transfer Station

19th June 2006: the 53 original conditions

There were originally 53 conditions when planning permission was granted on 19th June 2006.

See the conditions which were first agreed to encourage the planning committee to grant approval and to protect the amenity of residents.


19th October 2011 from 53 to 23 conditions

On 19 October 2011, after several of the time-limited conditions had been discharged, Brighton and Hove City Council reduced the 53 conditions to the 23 conditions. It is a perfectly normal process for time-limited conditions to be discharged, so this reduction caused little or no reaction. The size of the plot did put some constraints on the landscaping plan.

7th August 2013 operating hours extended
See revised operating hours and reaction of residents living nearby

Several of the 23 conditions appearing in the list below were scrapped or relaxed, so If you are suffering from Veolia's odour, noise &/or fugitive particles you need to know what the conditions are before asking The Council to act. The Council is Veolia's main client at Hollingdean Depot.

Unfortunately, following a decision on application BH2013/02219 made by the the Planning Committee (5 IN FAVOUR, 4 AGAINST, 3 ABSTENTIONS) at their meeting on Wednesday 7th August 2013, the conditions relating to reasonable hours of operation were (all but) scrapped.

The Environment Agency, not The Council report an incident on 0800 80 70 60 (Freephone, 24 hour service) should you experience problems
Residents suffering unreasonable noise / odour / dust levels during daylight hours, would be better to ignore the 23 Council planning conditions (with the exception of Conditions 10 & 11) in the list below. During daylight hours, the key to holding Veolia to be a reasonable neighbour is the terms of its operating licence, enforced not by The Council, but by The Environment Agency. See what this licence says in relation to noise, odour & fugitive particles and contact The Environment Agency's incident hotline - report an incident on 0800 80 70 60 (Freephone, 24 hour service) - should you experience problems

Only seek The Council's help with 'beeps' & 'open doors'

In the list of conditions which Brighton and Hove City Council can still enforce, Conditions 10 (requiring a "smart" form of reversing alarm) and Condition 11 (WTS & MRF doors to remain closed except to enable the ingress and egress of vehicles) continue to define breaches of planning permission.

Conditions RE respite from noise scrapped
In 2013 (in the face of over 100 written objections to the Council by Round Hill residents) considerable changes were made to conditions 3, 4, 5 and 6, rendering them effectively useless. The original conditions limited Veolia's operation of the Waste Transfer Station and Materials Recovery Facility to offer periods of respite (mainly from industrial noise) to nearby residents e.g. a quiet Sunday or Bank holiday in the garden. Allowing operation for 15 hours per day on 363 days in the year effectively removes any protection for residents altogether, so it is perhaps somewhat misleading that the conditions are still there If Carelet ever installs six homes and gardens 26 metres from the Waste Transfer Station, there would still be 7 hours of sleeping-time during the night which would be free from loud industrial noise, though bedrooms facing Hollingdean Depot would not have opening windows since the noise kicks off again very early 363 mornings per year.

List of 21 Conditions

  1. Take this link to the documents tab of BH2013/02219
  2. Then (to the left of the green button APPLY) change "Show All" to filter by "Decision" before clicking on the green button apply

  3. Click on adjacent icon in the "view" column
  4. The "21 Original planning conditions" should then show! 
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