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Veolia 2013 hours Part 05

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Local democracy and the Dump
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and see our planning page for the full context of the item below:

There are two distinct ombudsmen serving different purposes:

1. Concerns about Local Democracy
1. The Local Government Ombudsman could be asked to look at [a] the unreasonable rush to get Veolia's proposal to planning committee stage. The final day of the public consultation was clearly written as 30th July 2013 on the letters sent to consultees. To upload a completed PLANS LIST to the Council website that very day was quite unreasonable.

[b] the under-representation (omission!) of objections which had been submitted on time in The Plans List. Submission reached the Council (some by email) BEFORE as well as ON the 30th July 2013. They were not part of the 18 earlier representations counted in The Plans List. In Hollingdean, it is also being argued that there should have been further consultees.

[c] the deficient summary the Case Officer produced - it is my own belief that the residents' case was not put effectively, though others need to judge this too. See here.
Before involving The Local Government Ombudsman, we would need to put our concerns formally to Brighton and Hove City Council and decide whether we are satisfied with their response.

Read more about contacting The Local Government Ombudsman at http://www.lgo.org.uk/

2. Concerns about Hollingdean Depot
The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman monitors the work of the Environment Agency.

Read more about contacting The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman at www.ombudsman.org.uk/

This ombudsman together with The Environment Agency is the target of our petition.

Please view & / or sign OUR PETITION

The petition is generally a request to downsize the dump and for the Environment Agency to set a reasonable framework for its hours of operation and the types of waste processing permitted so near residents' homes and gardens.

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