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Waste Transfer Station odour escapes

Latest bulletin from Chris Parkin, Environment Officer - Waste, Sussex Environment Agency

Attempts to suppress odour from the WTS

Following discussions on site, Veolia are going to be undertaking the following trial with their odour suppression techniques:


From Monday 15th September, they will be turning the deodorisers OFF overnight.  This will be timed to be 1 hour after the last lorry is loaded or waste pile moved, and is likely to be around 17:30.  This will be done for 1 week and then I will have discussions with them as to the effect on local odour.


I appreciate that this sounds counter-intuitive, but the idea behind it is that with the deodorisers on all the time, the waste gets very wet.  This causes faster decomposition and increased odour as well as odorous liquids which leach from the stored waste.  By turning off the odour suppression it is expected that the waste itself will become less odorous than it is at present.


Veolia are also looking to trial turning it off during the day as well, but this will depend greatly on how successful the first trial is.


I would appreciate any observations you have during this period on any changes to odour you are experiencing, as this will be invaluable in determining the success of the trial.


Additionally, the deodoriser being used on site has been changed to one without a tracer in it, so the deodoriser is now itself odourless.  I know that many of you find the smell of the deodoriser to be disagreeable, so I hope this will be an improvement for you.


If you have any odour issues with odour during this period, please continue to report them via our incident number, as you do at present.  If you perceive an improvement, please contact me directly.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding this.  I will keep you updated on the progress.

Background to attempts to minimise odour

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Odour from WTS - the only complete solution

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