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Burglaries in Round Hill

Police community support officer for Round Hill

PCSO Bonnie Scovell
Police Community Support Officer 29349
Neighbourhood Policing Team - North Laines
Tel: 101 Ext: 550418
Mobile:  07912 897134


January & February 2015 - an increase

Bonnie updated us on crime in Round Hill at our last committee meeting on 20th January 2015

Bonnie’s crime stats – bike theft Upper Lewes Rd 10th Dec; 21 Dec 6.30pm - Burglary in Princes Crescent (near Richmond Road whilst house occupied) – access gained via back door; 25 Dec motor bike moved and damaged on Upper Lewes Rd; 23/24 Dec wing mirror damaged in RHC; 28 Dec man arrested and charged outside Martha Gunn, having been ejected earlier; between 21st and 30 Dec a resident of The Limes had screw put in his car tyre; 8-11 Jan bike stolen from D’Aubigny Rd; 15th Jan 7 – 8.45pm burglary in Princes Rd (nearly opposite Crescent Rd), access via back door.

Bonnie updated us of more incidents at our meeting on Tuesday 24th February 2015.

A bike was stolen from a shed in Crescent Road between 1st and 4th February. Damage to a gate lock in Richmond Road on 8th February.

The Fire Service reported a recycling bin fire on 8th February.

A burglary occurred in Crescent Road, near the Princes Road end between 7.00am on 18th February and 7.45pm 19th February. Entry was obtained from the rear of property.

It was unanimously agreed by the Round Hill Society that in response to several recent bike thefts, we should puublicise the number to report stolen or damaged bikes in the next Reporter: 01273 292 090.


September 2014 - some reduction

At the most recent Round Hill Society committee meeting on Tuesday 9th September 2014, Bonnie reported a reduction in burglaries. Crime in Round Hill has tended to be opportunist, so residents should still follow the advice given below on simple measures which can be taken to minimise the chances of being a victim of burglary.


June 2013 - six in eleven weeks There has been an increase in burglaries in the area since the start of the year *.

I would like to remind residents of the following crime prevention advice. Round Hill Always lock doors and windows even if you go out for a short time or if you spend time upstairs. Leave any keys in a safe place well away from doors and windows.

Fit mortise locks or bolts to all outside doors or easily accessible windows.

Never leave spare keys outside your property. Thieves know all the usual hiding places such as under mats and plant pots.

Make sure the side and/or back gate is locked.

Draw your curtains after dark and use timer switches for lights when you are out to give the impression you are in.

Make sure that any valuables are not in sight.

* 28th February west end of Round Hill Crescent, 1st March in Wakefield Road, 17th March east end of Round Hill Crescent, 27th March east end of Round Hill Crescent, 19th April east end of Princes Road and 7th May in Round Hill Crescent.
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