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Research results from our Round Hill Community Survey performed four years ago as part of Brighton University's Community Partnership Programme were published in the June 2012 Round Hill Reporter. A detailed report was presented by Yi-Chun Chen, an MA student in Community Psychology.

The design of the survey form took several drafts. The success of the project will have depended significantly on how The Round Hill Society has responded to the survey results i.e. residents' feedback. Our responses to date (2017) have been through:

  1. action - scroll to Recent events
  2. information in support of the community

Our concerns about Police Community Support

In April 2017, Sandy Thomas (from The Round Hill Society committee) wrote to The Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner seeking explanations for:-

  • the severity of cuts to front-line neighbourhood policing (e.g. PCSOs' jobs) in the context of the overall policing budget, 
  • delays experienced by several Round Hill resident in getting through to Sussex Police on their non-emergency 101 line.

Click HERE to read Sandy's expression of Round Hill's concerns and the reply from Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner's Office.

See also our page on cuts to Police Community Support Officers


Police Community Support

To report an emergency call: 999
To report a non-emergency call:101

Round Hill

CRIME and ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR is more of a problem now than it was a year ago, survey results suggest. Read more on this.

Click here for info on the University Police Liaison Officer


"Support for older people" Page


Dog fouling & what to do about it
Dogs Failure to pick up after a dog has fouled a public open space (such as a pavement, road, park, field, or the beach) could cost the owner a fine of up to £1000. Our Council's Animal Warden Team page links to PDF posters which residents are invited to print and display.

Information on what to do about regular problems with dog waste is given here. Incident reporting can be done at this link under the category 'cleaning'.

Click on the mini-picture to the left for a large PDF version which can be printed and displayed. 



Houses of Multiple Occupation HMOs

Within St Peter's and North Laine Council ward (which includes both Round Hill & Triangle to the east of the ward), planning permission is now required for a change of use to a small HMO. Under the Council's current planning policy, HMO licencing should be refused if there is already more than 10 per cent saturation in the surrounding areas.

The Council can remove individuals from a building and board up in the absence of the owner when


Short-term Holiday Lets (Party Houses)

Final Scrutiny Panel Report on Short-term Holiday Lets [26-page PDF document] completed October 2014

The aim of the scrutiny panel was to establish a set of ‘gold standards’ for short-term holiday let properties aimed at the hen and stag market, so that they could be operated as successful businesses, while minimising disruption to neighbours and local residents.

Panel summary and panel members - Councillor Geoffrey Bowden(Chair), Councillor Jayne Bennett and Councillor Alan Robins.

Minutes of the meeting of the scrutiny panel on 20 February 2014 in which Inspector Gareth Davies, Safe in the City Policing Team, explained how the police would address any complaints that they received about nuisance caused by short term holiday lets.

Learn &/or benefit from a thermal image

An opportunity to have a Thermal imaging of your home without cost if you live in Round Hill, Brighton UK. Act soon!










The thermal image will be taken with a special camera, in the evening (probably) when its cold and the house is occupied. The imaging is likely to be done on 13th  February 2017 with follow-up one week later. The University does not expect to have to approach your house when surveying, and you wil receive the image by e-mail. The follow-up (questions and chat) is most likely to be by phone.

The image reveals where heat is escaping. The University of Brighton carries out wide and varied research in the field of environmental sustainability and the performance of buildings, including evaluation of their environmental impact.

They will therefore want to contact you, and hope to do a follow-up survey about (I guess) how you use heating and have made or not made energy-saving changes.

If your home is in Round Hill and you would like this, please contact Rob Stephenson by e-mail (news@roundhill.org.uk) with your address, name and a phone number and e-mail. I will pass this on and hopefully things will happen in the next few weeks. You will get results for your home - which should be interesting, and may be useful.


Recent events

Street Play

Report on Round Hill Street Play event on 25th June 2017:

See also Kate's pictures of 25th June 2017 event on The Round Hill Community Noticeboard Facebook Group.

Please note that there will now be no Street Play on Sunday 23rd July 2017. The next Street Play event will be on Sunday 10th September 2017.

playing out










Sunday 25th June 2017 saw The Round Hill Society's 15th street play. It is always enjoyable to help with these events. Kate (the organiser) and Barbara (who bakes cakes and runs the refreshments stall) are the mainstays of Round Hill's Street Plays. Marshaling brings back memories of playground duty without quite the same responsibility because the role is to keep cars out of the play area. We had a completely clear street this time. For this we need to thank the residents of Mayo Road and adjoining streets whose cooperation is much appreciated. It is interesting to watch how children play when left to themselves (making up rules for one another, negotiation) and also to compare events when we lay on more structured activities (e.g. Halloween) and those when we (the adults) stand back a bit more. It is always encouraging when new families join events. Help in organising them is always appreciated and this is also a route to getting to know new neighbours.

playing out










See also Kate Rice's illustrated record of our April 2017 Street Play event (featuring "Dr Bike") on The Round Hill Community Noticeboard

book club











  • The book for the next meeting (note change of date to 31st August) is Little Gold  by Allie Rogers. The book discussed at the last meeting was Everything and Nothing by Araminta Hall. Allie (the author of Little Girl) has confirmed that she will be able to attend the next meeting, which will be the second one with the author present!
  • Next meeting = Thursday 31st August 2017 @ 8pm
  • Where = Martha Gunn, 100 Upper Lewes Road.
  • The rules of book club are, there are no rules. If you want to come along at any time then please do. Don't worry if you haven't read or finished the book - you'll still be welcome. At each meeting we'll set the date for the next get together - Martha Gunn very happy to host us.
  • We agreed no weighty reads (physically or emotionally) although we may work up to these!
  • We like the idea of picking local authors and buying from independent book shops if possible.

Hope you can join us on 30th August.

There is an existing Book Group called Roundhill Readers which has been holding monthly meetings for circa 15 years. It was last publicised on Page 6 of  The Round Hill Reporter March 2014.

The idea of the new Book Club was circulated recently on The Round Hill Community Noticeboard Facebook Group when a new resident to the area asked if there was a local reading group she could join. See The Round Hill Community Noticeboard Facebook Group for updates on what has been planned.

First ever Round Hill "JUMBLE TRAIL"

26 stallholders signed up to Round Hill's first ever Jumble Trail. Nearly 30 stalls took part in what turned out to be very enjoyable.

Thank you to the organisers (Laura Kate, Kate and Jane) and also to all buyers, sellers and everyone who entered into the spirit of the event.

Although Round Hill has had previous Table Top Sales and events with stalls, the trails we have had in the past have been limited to Artists' Open Houses and Open Gardens. With the Jumble Trail, nobody had to pay any admission fee, yet there were similar opportunities to meet neighbours.













Thanks to Elizabeth for supplying the above photo and allowing it to be used here ]

Having stalls outside residents' own houses also increased the probability of making new contacts in ones own street. Although having stalls altogether in a line has the advantage of creating a marketplace, the idea of a "Trail" means less carrying for sellers and gives buyers opportunity for a pleasant stroll as well as the anticipation of finding something different around the next corner. Feedback from residents suggests that several would like The Jumble Trail to become a regular event.













Pictures of Round Hill's First Dog Show

  1. compere and judges
  2. dogs getting on together
  3. the giver of prizes
  4. the sausage man
  5. individual competitors
  6. short video clips

dog show














Reports on The Mayor's Walk: Sun 30th April 2017













Almost 200 people turned out for the mayor's Brighton & Hove boundary walk, each sponsored by one of the mayor's charities. Read the report in The Brighton and Hove Independent or go to

Pete West, our local ward councillor, has been Mayor of Brighton and Hove this past year. Between Thursday 4th and Monday 8th May, as the finale to his term as mayor, Pete will cycle on his tandem from the Eiffel Tower to the BAi360 in Brighton. While on the Eiffel Tower (4 May), he will open the Brighton Fringe Festival 2017 by live televised link to the Big Screen at the Warren.

Pete will return via the port of Newhaven (8 May) where he will be joined by a calvacade of two wheelers: people astride motorcycles, penny farthings, bicycles and right up to date, electrically assisted pedal cycles. Once escorted to the city, the mayor and his fellow charity bike riders from the Brighton Property Consortium, will join a most excellent afternoon of charity extravaganza in the New Road, Brighton.

triple challenge










Visit the Mayor's Facebook Page for photos of his recent events and plans for a grand finale.


Click here to see ITV New's report on  The Mayor of Brighton and Hove's Cycle Rides which took place on Sunday 23rd April 2017.

Gardening at Richmond House - 22nd April 2017 report

dig for pavilions











Click here or on the above image to read about  continuing efforts (April 2017) to improve the surroundings of Richmond House following the pleasing start made in April 2016 residents. This initiative brings local residents together with staff / volunteers / service users from Pavilions.


Seasonal Singing 15 Dec 2016

Thank you to all Round Hill residents who gave generously to The Round Hill Society's Seasonal Singing on 15th December 2016. You raised £181.40.

The money raised will very shortly be paid by The Round Hill Society to The Mayor's charities.

The current Mayor of Brighton and Hove is Round Hill's ward Councillor  Pete West. See The Mayor's Facebook Page for details of his fundraising actvities.











Report on our Eleventh Street Play event

held on Sunday 30th October 2016 from 3pm to 5pm.


Hallowe'en Play Street 














On the morning of Sunday, 30th October, The Round Hill Society (with much appreciated help from City Clean) held an Autumn Clean-Up, so there was a little less vegetation in places which become overgrown when children and adults took to the streets for one of the highlights of our neighbourhood's year: THE HALLOWE'EN STREET PLAY.

Pictures and a 2-minute video of this enjoyable event are posted onThe Round Hill Community Noticeboard. Round Hill residents will need to join this Facebook Group to view the posts. There is content here from several different neighbours, including excellent photos of "carved pumpkins outside homes" on Hallowe'en Night itself. Once a member of the group, you can post as well as view. Since the group now has nearly 100 members, it is becoming a good vehicle for seeing what Round Hill neighbours are doing and hold to be important in their lives.


Report on our 2016 AGM














PatchFest 2016

Friends of William Clarke Park's festival on 16th July 2016

garden party









Click on the above picture for a short video clip of this well supported summer event. Our ward councillor, currently Mayor of Brighton & Hove was among those who attended so check for more pictures on The Mayor's and Patchfest@William Clarke Park's Facebook sites.

Visit Friends of William Clarke's website for the railway history of the Kemp Town branch line which ran on a tall viaduct across Lewes Road and the Patch linking Lewes Rd Station (now the car park & garden of Richmond House to Hartington Halt before tunnelling under Elm Grove ending near the Bingo Hall in Eastern Road.


RH Garden Party at 58 Richmond Road

Report on The Round Hill Society's picnic of 3rd July 2016

A short video clip of The Mayor of Brighton's address at this event in support of our local residents' association, is posted on The Round Hill Society's Facebook Page

Other video clips featuring the certificates of appreciation awarded to young residents, the generous offering from local musicians and the spectacular scenery of the garden itself, can be viewed by local residents who have joined Round Hill Community Noticeboard (76 members to date).

garden party









 Click on the above picture for an illustrated report on this, our main event of summer 2016.  Special thanks are due to Jan and Rusty Curry for sharing their garden on a pleasant summer afternoon, to Imaginary Friends duo (Michael & Liz) and members of Jan & Rusty's family (including Rusty himself) for music, neighbours of Jan & Rusty (Wendy for singing and Jo for art activities), and to Barbara for her cake & drinks service which continued throughout the event adding £85 to Round Hill Society funds.



 Events at Richmond House with Pavilions Partnership

Report on the latest open day on 15th June 2016 showcasing the work of this drug & alcohol recovery service much after six months in its Round Hill location.

Two open days for the public have been held at Richmond House since the building's re-opening on 14th December 2015 as a drug and alcohol recovery centre. The first was on Sunday 13th December 2015.  













You can also follow Pavilions at Richmond House on Twitter by clicking on @Pavilions_org.


Keeping Round Hill clean - 3 ways:


1. Don't miss Round Hill's refuse and recycling collections:


refuse = Tuesday weekly

recycling = Tuesday fortnightly (as from Tue 10th January 2017)

Click here for City Clean's service update.


2. Disincentivize flytippers

The Council can help in cases of items left on pavements:


Local authorities, including Brighton and Hove City Council, regard placing articles on pavements in the hope that they will find new owners as fly-tipping:  a criminal offence which can carry an unlimited fine.

See the RNIB's Who put that there campaign?



Please use social media or recycling outlets to dispose of unwanted items. Have them collected from off-street locations such as your home or deliver them yourself. Small-scale flytipping (pavement donations)  establish practices which can encourage larger-scale flytipping.


3. Highlight unremoved dog poo


















Neil Pringle [for BBC Radio Sussex] interviewed Sandy Hawkins from The Round Hill Society on the above idea to encourage owners to clean up after their dogs.

The story was also reported by Joel Adams in The Argus on Thursday 24th September 2015 (online version not yet present in archive), this time featuring our chair, Annie Rimington, and two Round Hill children, pictured on The Cats Creep (above). The newspaper article focuses on the health risks (TOXOCARIASIS) posed - especially to young children with the habit of putting their hands in their mouth - by roundworm parasites found in mess from cats, dogs and foxes. 

Both reports emphasize the need to find a good solution which does not prove counterproductive by leading to ill-tempered confrontation.


Steam trains pass the north of Round Hill

oliver cromwell








Click on the three links (below) for Mov clips
[suitable for email attachments]

The Oliver Cromwell Sat 7th June from Ditchling Road

Black V Sun 8th June from London Road Station footbridge

The Oliver Cromwell steam locomotive, running somewhat latepassed Round Hill in both directions (2pm and 2.15pm) on Sat 7th June leading at the front on its return journey eastwards. Another steam locotive, Black V, did the same, but running to time, on Sun 8th June 2014. 

These special excursions were to mark the 150th anniversary of the Brighton to Seaford line.


Local markets

Open Market & London Road regeneration













Florence Road Farmers Market Every Saturday from 9am to 1.30pm One Church Courtyard near London Road Station. Fruit & veg, meat & fish, bread & dairy, street food, espresso bar, etc. Sat 9:30-1:30. BN1 6DL CarolFlorence Road Farmers Market
Local fruit & veg., fresh bread, home roasted coffee, handmade crafts, artisan foods, cakes & more. Links to their Twitter and Facebook pages.



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