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Community Safety Fund Round Hill bid

The Round Hill Society would be pleased to hear from residents who may be interested in pursuing a project within our neighbourhood with the aim of reducing crime &/or improving community safety

Awards of up to £5,000 are by Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner to local organisations and projects which serve the above purposes.

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Some interests which could make up possible strands of a bid by The Round Hill Society or any local community group for an award:

  1. Recent posts on The Round Hill Community Noticeboard (a Facebook Group with 230+ members) reflect an interest in something akin to a Neighbourhood Watch, since residents have been photographing suspicious behaviour and have been watching out for one another.
  2. Some of the successful activities which we already deliver and are appreciated by locla residents (such as Street Play) contain elements which reference community safety and guarding against crime. "Dr Bike" fits in quite naturally as many of the children have bikes and he gives them a useful safety check. Perhaps his services could extend to bicycle security since one of the main crimes reported in our neighbourhood is bicycle theft.
  3. Another form of crime we experience is illegal dumping. Mattresses are frequently dumped in Mayo Court car park. Twin CCTV cameras mounted on the garage at the corner of the “L-shaped” tarmac surface could solve the dumping problem and stop the garden being compromised. The garden bench was stolen recently.
  4. We have established good liaison with Richmond House. Happily, the concerns which some residents had when Richmond House started operating, have not stood out as main priorities. However, a strand of the bid could finance Round Hill residents' part of a joint initiative with Richmond House to tackle drug-pushing. This might take the form CCTV camera on the Cat Creep, though clearly thought need to be given to the implications of recording street activity as well as assembling hours of video records which might be a headache to monitor.
  5. Scams involving well spoken people claiming to be locked out of homes or cars have been tried on Round Hill residents recently. A second scam involves the use of missed delivery cards of the same colour scheme and design used by Royal Mail. Recipients are invited to call a number beginning 0208 in order to arrange a delivery, but find out later that they have been charged £45 and that the deliver card is bogus. Scope here for awareness-raising - another educational strand to the bid.















Which kinds of projects have received the awards to date?

Click here for a list of organisations and projects in Sussex which have received money through the Community Safety Fund. Popular categories include:




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