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Power to the People!’

Power to the People
"From house to street to community to city;
how should the community and voluntary sector contribute to creating responsive services and empowered communities?"

I should be grateful for a report on this event from anybody who attended it (Ted Power).

This workshop and discussion was held at
Jubilee Library on Thursday 8 November
6-8pm (food from 5.30)

See the Community & Voluntary Sector Forum website at www.cvsectorforum.org.uk for full details.

The event addressed ways in which the sector could help to create responsive services for communities across the City. Discussion focused on strategies for empowering diverse and sometimes marginalised communities and and ways of effectively representing people’s needs at all levels: from house to street to community to City.

Sally Hiscock, Chief Officer at the CVSF, said: “We’re really excited about these events. A combination of focused discussion and workshops will enable community group representatives to decide on effective strategies for dealing with issues relevant to neighbourhoods throughout the City. The diverse and often scattered communities of Brighton and Hove require well-coordinated representation and these events will provide community representatives with the tools they need to address the issues that matter to local residents at a strategic level.”

[The above message was sent to me from Alison Walters, SEFS Coordinator. Web: www.sefs.org.uk.]

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