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Jolly Poacher Facebook site for for latest information

I'm currently running the Jolly Poacher for the lovely Bennett's who also have the Hollingbury pub. I just I could let you know of any up and coming events like tonight (Saturday 8th September) we have open Mic night with james beany howard and a week from Wednesday we have David Potter the quiz master back....I also have tv to show all sky sports and a new dart board and pool table and would like to start teams up for the winter leagues if anyone is interested pop in and see me be great to meet you......also I have a chef starting Friday next week and will be a taster day so come and try some of the food we will be serving up.....hope you all have a great week end.....you can also ad us on Facebook under the jolly poacher Brighton.

The photos on this page were taken circa 10 years ago when our local pub was called THE ROUNDHILL. Many local residents would be pleased if THE JOLLY POACHER reverted to the old name.























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