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Jolly Poacher Re-opening

Our local pub has now re-opened as  The Roundhill under Max and Rosi ...

......and has got off to a very good start!
















The Roundhill Facebook site for for latest information

Update: 10th November - a party to celebrate the opening

and 11th November - delicious Sunday vegetarian roasts

Good evening Roundhill Community! We are Max and Rosi.

We have just received the keys on Monday for your local pub the ‘Jolly Poacher’ and have been busy sorting out the living area for us to move in.

We will be starting work on the pub from Tuesday and we are very excited to begin! The plan is to be closed for about a month so that we can complete full outside and indoor re-decoration and shall be opening in early November. We will be renaming the pub “The Roundhill’



The vision is for the pub the be community-based space, with handcrafted local drinks with a wide range of soft and alcoholic as well as delicious coffee etc.

We have a love for the arts, so it will be a very creative space, live music and many other events. The kitchen will be serving veggie/vegan food. With an interesting changing menu and locally sourced produce.

We are overwhelming excited to get to know everyone. Please let us know if you have any questions or ideas and pop in for a chat if you see us there.

We will keep everyone posted with our updates and pop flyers through your doors when approaching our opening. Would be great to meet everyone. Best Wishes Max and Rosi





















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