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Liaison with the Universities

Liaison with the university of Brighton

If you have any concerns or questions relating to the university please let me know, you can also contact our service on the Community Relations email CommunityRelation@brighton.ac.uk
Andrew Keeffe, Community Relations and Housing Advice Officer, The Manor House, Moulsecoomb Place, Brighton BN2 4GA

The Brighton University Community Liaison Team acts as a bridge between our student population and the local community. They help with a multitude of issues including housing, legal questions and community relations to promote and maintain positive relationships in the Brighton area. The team also includes our own warranted police officer, Roisin Vafaee, who is dedicated to crime prevention as well as assisting any student who has been the victim of crime.

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Liaison with the university of Sussex

Click here to read the advice which the university gives students on "being a good neighbour". This includes the following:

Neighbours can complain about your behaviour to:

  • your landlord or letting agent – they can enforce clauses in the tenancy agreement and take action
  • environmental health at Brighton & Hove City Council – it can serve warnings about noise and noise abatement notices, which are legally enforceable (and if broken you could be taken to court)
  • us – as a student you have signed up to the Student Charter, agreeing to behave considerately in the community. If your behaviour breaks this then we have a complaints process in place, which includes disciplinary action.

How the university of Brighton will be operating this year

From Andrew Keefe (Community Relations & Housing Advice Officer) email CommunityRelation@brighton.ac.uk

As with all organisations at the moment, there is much plate spinning and uncertainty, for example, SAGE gave advice last week to the government on Higher Education and we wait to see what the DfE come out with in terms of guidance to the sector. That being said, we’ve been pushing ahead as instructed by the government to re-open in ‘COVID-secure’ environment. What does this mean in reality? Large group teaching will happen online, but controlled access to the campus will be maintained for access to workshops, labs and other specialist teaching facilities, as most of our courses are vocational or creative this access is really important to us. There will be an in-house track and trace facility for the more ‘public’ areas such as libraries and canteens.

The main bulk of the students start to arrive on Monday 21st September and will be given strictly controlled time slots through to Sunday 27th September, with the academic term commencing on the 28th September. Any students coming into the Halls who need to isolate will be supported and brought food by the university.

Freshers week will not be happening as normal, there will be evening events planned, no club or pub nights, the vast majority of activities will be online, this coupled with the nightclubs being closed and pubs having limited capacity means it’ll be nothing we’ve ever experienced before . Our ‘COVID pledge’ hasn’t been published yet, but I’m happy to share it when it has and it will be a guide to expected actions from students.

If you or you know of any not for profit group who could benefit having volunteers or have a project that they want to develop please do not hesitate the University of Brighton's Volunteer service Active Student on 01273 644 145, activestudent@brighton.ac.uk.

As you will be aware the University of Brighton is developing its Mithras site for further information on the Big Build development please go to https://www.brighton.ac.uk/bigbuild/about/index.aspx.


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