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Transition Walks

A Transition trek through our winter wonderland - Sunday 31st January 2010, 10.30am, Lewes Railway Station (front entrance)

Join Transition Town Lewes's Village Connections Group for an invigorating new year stroll from Lewes Station to Kingston & back again, via the new windmill that’s just appeared on the Downs.

We may even get a peep inside! We’ll be
stopping at a pub en route to warm & refresh ourselves.

Village Connections Group -
Transition Town Lewes

The Village Connections group welcomes everybody to get involved in TTL projects, in an atmosphere where we can all learn from one another. The aims of the group are:

- Improving communications between those living in Lewes Transition Town and the surrounding villages
- developing community resilience.
- planning a programme of monthly Transition Treks to be organised and guided by different villages or areas of Lewes.
-developing properly connected Safer Routes to Lewes for pedestrians and cyclists.
-mapping local food grown and produced in the villages around Lewes, as a resource for a regular weekly market in Lewes.
-encouraging those interested in creating more resilient local communities to work together in a positive way to get things moving!

*Contact*: Susan Thompson susan@artboxdesign.co.uk
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