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Have you ever considered a career in complementary medicine? Do you need work that can be flexible and fit in with a varied life or school hours? Have you ever considered training in massage?

Massage has been practised in various forms for thousands of years. The power of touch, if given by the practitioner in an unconditional and caring way, can be a very powerful form of communication.

The popularity of massage is immense and it is one of the most widely practised forms of bodywork around.

The College of Classical Massage is now operating from Unit 4, 20-26 Round Hill Street (Tel: 01273 241061).

Do I need to be physically strong?
You do not need to be physically strong, but you should be taught techniques which will enable you to apply deeper massage without risk of straining or injuring your body. Once you are qualified, you can do further training with the No Hands´┐Ż Massage Company and learn to give massage with zero strain, without injuring your hands. You can find out more about them on www.nohandsmassage.com.
Look for courses that run for several months at least. A good course will require a longer commitment to training, will cover all systems of the body in anatomy and physiology and look at professionalism, business and how to set up in practice when qualified. You will be required to provide proof of about 200 hours of practise before you can qualify.

What should I look for in my training?
Before you enrol on a course, talk to the tutor and discuss your needs. Check their experience and how long they have been trained for. Do they also have a private practice? The best way to find out about practitioners and courses is to book a treatment. If you like what you receive, find out about where that practitioner trained and whether they continue with Professional Development. Ask them how often they receive massage too and who massages them!
To what professional bodies are they affiliated?

Some of the most common are IPTI, BCMA, ITEC, and FHT. You can find links to these websites on www.collegeofclassicalmassage.com.

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