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Volunteer Toad Controllers needed.


Dear Friend of the Round Hill Society,

Last year a number of Round Hill-ers expressed their concerns for our vulnerable local toad population, which each spring use Cats Creep to try to migrate from their hibernation spots to their breeding ponds. Members of the Round Hill Community were worried about toad (and other amphibian) casualties - being accidentally trodden on as folks navigate the steps in the dark!

Concerned residents kindly put out signs to raise awareness and suggest people check their footing by using a torch / their phone while traversing Cats Creep at this crucial time; but wondered if there was more we could be doing to help maintain and protect the Cats Creep migration route.

Kate Wolstenholme, Round Hill Society committee member, got in touch with Froglife (leading amphibian charity) and registered the Cats Creep as an official ‘Toad Crossing’ site. As part of this, Kate is now looking for volunteer ‘Toad Patrollers’ who might be interested in helping monitor the toad crossing and continue to safeguard our green & slimy friends!

‘Patrolling’ will involve:
offering your availability to be present at Cats Creep from dusk (for as long or as short a time as you can manage!)
recording any amphibians you see – no prior knowledge or experience necessary! Kate will provide all the info and recording pack you’ll need
maintaining ‘toad alert’ signage
spreading the word to passers-by about the toads – and how they can get involved!

Eventually, Kate hopes to put together a more formal patrol team rota – if she gets enough keen volunteers! But for the time being is asking for anyone who spots a toad (or any amphibian on Cats Creep) to get in touch with her so she can start patrolling in whatever capacity she can, for this first ‘official’ toad-watch year. (Peak migration may not start until March, but can start much earlier in the year as soon as weather conditions become suitable.

Many thanks indeed for any interest you have in getting involved in any capacity!

Best wishes,

The Round Hill Committee.

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