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Alcohol Licence Application

In May 2010, Malthurst Services Ltd, located at the BP Garage in Ditchling Road between Red, White & Rosé and The Downs Infants School, applied for a licence to sell alcohol 24 hours a day 7 days a week subject to their store being open for trading A license to sell alcohol was granted from October 2010, though not for 24 hours a day and with other conditions added as well.
BP Garage Ditchling Road

The Licensing Number is 1445/3/2010/01018/LAPREN

The address for written comment was:
Health and Safety Licensing Team,
Brighton and Hove City Council
Bartholomew House, Bartholomew Square,
Brighton BN1 1JP

You can trace the history of this application via Licensing Register on Brighton and Hove City Council's website. To review the conditions attached to the license granted from October 2010 copy and paste 1445/3/2010/01018/LAPREN into the Licensing Number field. BP Garage Ditchling Road

Figure 1: Summary of objectives in The Licensing Act 2003 – BHCC: Statement of Licensing Policy

There are four main principles behind this system (11):
 to prevent crime and disorder;
 to prevent public nuisance;
 to protect children from harm; and
 public safety.

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