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Commenting by ordinary letter

.............     on a planning appeal

Please note: the date for submitting representations in this particular appeal has now passed. However, this page is being retained as it provides an example of how to participate in planning appeals by letter, which may be useful for future appeals.

Click here for information on what this appeal is about and why it is important to take part both

  • to preserve long views out of our conservation area, and
  • to protect the amenity of residents living in an already densely populated area with no open spaces on public land

Not everybody likes to comment online, especially if there are documents such as pictures they would like just to put in an envelope.

See here for The Planning Inspectorate's own instructions on what they require if you comment on a planning appeal through ordinary 1st or 2nd class post. However, you may prefer the shorter summary below:

Example of how to comment by letter :-

Included in the address details (below) is the name Case Officer. 

Where to send & who to send to

In the case of "land to the rear of 101 Roundhill Crescent" , send to:-

Pauline Dun
Case Officer for APP/Q1445/W/17/3171388

The Planning Inspectorate Temple Quay House

2 The Square

Bristol BS1 6PN

Helpline: 0303 444 5000 E-mail: enquiries@planning-inspectorate.gsi.gov.uk

How many copies you need to send

Please send THREE COPIES

Details to include in paper submissions

  • your name and address
  • the Planning Inspectorate appeal reference number (this will 
start APP/...); in this case: APP/Q1445/W/17/3171388

  • the address of the appeal site; in this case: 101 Roundhill Crescent, Brighton BN2 3GP
  • and say either:
    • ‘I am against the appeal proposals’ and explain whether it is for 
the same reasons as given by the LPA or, if not, explain your 
own reasons; or
    • ‘I support the appeal proposals’ and explain why.

Notes on preferred presentation

If you send us your representations in a letter, unless your handwriting is very clear it would help if you are able to have your representations typed. Please use black ink. If possible, please send us 3 copies and note that we do not acknowledge receipt.

Please note that we are unable to return any documents or photographs.


  • use a font such as Arial or Verdana in a size of 11 point or larger;
  • use A4 paper wherever possible;
  • number the pages of the documents;
  • make sure photocopied and scanned documents are clear and
  • use black and white for documents unless colour is essential;
  • put any photographs (both originals and photocopies should be in 
colour), maps, plans, etc, in a separate appendix and cross- 
reference them within the main body of the document;
  • print documents on both sides of a page. You should use paper of 
good enough quality that something printed on one side of the 
page does not show through to the other side;
  • ensure that the scale and orientation of any maps and plans are 
shown clearly. If you are sending maps or plans by email or 
through GOV.UK you MUST tell us the paper size;
  • do not send original documents unless we specifically ask for them.

Monitoring the appeal in progress:

Although the date for submitting representations to this particular appeal has now passed, you can monitor the appeal's progress by going to the Planning Inspectorate's site at https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk

When you arrive at this site, there is a search box (Top Right of Page) where you can enter the Appeal Case Number, which is 3171388 for the full planning permission and 3171393 for the listed buiding consent. 

Clicking on the picture below for the Planning Inspectorate's site

101 Round Hill Crescent




















Getting help

If you would like help in taking part in an appeal, you can contact Planning Aid. Planning Aid provides free and independent professional advice on town and country planning issues to people and groups (who cannot afford consultancy fees):

Planning Aid England
41-42 Botolph Lane
London EC3R 8DL

Advice Line: 0330 123 9244 Switchboard: 020 7929 9494
Fax: 020 7929 9490
Website: www.rtpi.org.uk/planningaid

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