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Comments on Parking Difficulties

Princes Road
•"Parking anywhere remotely close to our homes has become increasingly impossible. CPZ for Princes Road is now long overdue. This situation needs to be reconsidered and addressed as a matter of urgency. It's only a matter of time before frustration turns into an angry situation due to either double parking or non-residents taking advantage of free parking and leaving vehicles for weekends or in many instances longer and without road tax! No more deliberation, decision time for CPZ to be granted."

•"I want to be able to park my car either in my street or nearby, which I am unable to do due to displacement parking since Zone 3 commenced."

•"so many vans and cars being left for days and weeks at a time."

•"Parking on the street has become very bad mainly due to residents from other streets who refuse to pay on street parking charges parking in our road.The problem is made worse by the fact that one particular resident regularly parks several cars and vans in the road.."

•"Parking needs to be reconsidered for roundhill due to the large influx of non-resident parking now in the area."

•"Parking around Princes Road is outrageous. I arrive home from work at 17:30 & there's never any spaces. I have to search forever & when I eventually find a space it's very far from my house. I know for a fact people park in & around Princes Road when they do not live there just because they don't want to pay for a permit in their own road. Also people park their cars in Princes Road all day so they can get a train from London Road station irr morning & collect car in evening. Enforce CPZ!."

•"I am all for our area to be a controlled parking zone. I for one am sick of not being able to park anywhere near where I live and actually know of several people who live as far away as the Marina who park their car on Princes Road!."

•"One problem with the council's previous proposal was the introduction of many more no parking zones so reducing the already limited number of parking spaces available. Most of the narrow corners and difficult junctions in the area are now yellow lined so CPZ YES please, more parking restrictions -NO."

•"Fed up with having to park in another street, especially with a car load of shopping/children. The street is always full of tradesman vans who leave their vehicles here over the weekend. Several cars and vans have been in the same position for 6 months or more."

•"Our street has become a parking lot of the London Road Station, as well as and long term parker and weekend shoppers. The Council need to provide a park and ride service on the Ditchling Road side of town! Once in a while I would like to be able to park near my house to save me been forced to double park and dangerously unloading children and shopping."

•"I am a 71-year old grandmother who travels from Crowborough once a week to look after my grandchildren. It is very inconvenient to have to drive round for 20 minutes to find a parking space, only to have to park in the next street. I really don't know how you all deal with this every day."

•"Parking is a nightmare since the permits were bought in on other streets. Please reconsider!."

•"Now exceptionally difficult to park in Round Hill esp when taking/bringing back two small grandsons (both under 4) from school."

•"I regularly visit my grandchildren in the Princes Road area, and find it increasingly difficult to park in the locality."

•"When we visit our daughter and her family on Princes Road we are aghast at the parking difficulties people in the Round Hill area face."

•"I often visit my son and family and cannot believe how difficult it is to park for residents. I travel from Birmingham and have never seen anything like it. It is a real problem in Brighton!"

•"I've been a regular visitor, soon to become resident, to Princes Road for the last two years. Finding a parking space has always been difficult but has definitely become harder in the last few months. Parking on some street corners also makes negotiating them difficult and I've noticed the recycling vehicle reversing up Princes Road having been unable to get round the corner at Mayo Rd because of parked cars."

•"Parking is a problem when we visit relatives in Princes Road."

•"In favour looking at parking"

•"Unable to park due to no residents' parking

•"There has been a marked increase in the number of non-residents' parking. Number of long-term parked cars are now in the road."

•"Unable to park"

•"Unable to park, evenings and weekends"

•"To whom it may concern, In view of the increased pressure on parking in Princes Road and the immediate area, which appears to be a result of the changed parking status in other roads, we would wish to voice our support for residents parking in Princes Road. We ask that the council review this situation as a matter of urgency."

•"My attention was drawn to the small white saloon car parked opposite my house because of the large duvet on the back seat. I went on holiday, it was still there when I returned, three weeks it was parked in all and then it went. That very day a similar car appeared and stayed for ten days. I have now managed to park my own car outside my own house, first time in months."

•"Please add my name to the list of people who would like the parking in our area looked at again."

•"We are tired of fighting for ever diminishing parking spaces on our road and do not want Round Hill to become a dumping ground for vehicles from non-residents. It's at a point now where we think twice about moving our car and it shouldn't have to be like this. No one wants to have to pay more but we think a CPZ is the only solution as this situation will only get worse!"

•"I've just taken delivery of my shopping from Sainsburys; the driver was saying how much he hates our road as there is never any parking even during the day. It indicates clearly that our complaints/fears are not simply the product of concerned residents!

•"Parking in Princes Road is now very difficult, especially after 5.30ish. I would never take out my car in the evening as it is impossible to park. I have had a white transit van permanently parked outside my house for one whole week now. A blue camper van was parked opposite; it was recently removed but had been there since Christmas."

•"I do not believe that Round Hill can offer safe and pleasant streets if we turn our conservation area into the last bastion of free parking for all. Circa £2 per week is a small cost for vehicle owners to pay for a cleaner environment and preferential treatment for our own residents' parking, access and pedestrian needs."

•"There has been a marked increase in the number of non-residential parking. Number of long-term parked cars are now in the road."

Crescent Road
•"in favour of resident parking scheme."

•"This was always going to happen. I cannot think why so many voted against last time. Fifteen years ago, this was an easy park area. Failing to act will only result in a chaos of double parking and gridlock in the future. Even better, junk the car and join the City Car club."

•"I'm feeling very frustrated about not always being able to park near my house. I would much rather pay 30p a day to be able to park outside my house."

•"Roundhill is now being used as a free parking area for many people who do not live in the area but wish to avoid payment over the other side of Ditchling Road. This can be seen on any day by a stroll down Ditchling Rise in comparison to Princes Crescent, Belton Road, Crescent Road in Roundhill. This is not an acceptable way in which to deal with traffic issues in the area and needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency."

•"We need contolled parking as soon as possible."

•"Just today, Saturday, I happened, by chance - once when going to the post box and the other when putting out rubbish - to see two people come and collect cars which, to my certain knowledge, had been parked overnight. Neither of those people was a resident of this street."

•"It can be impossible to park now that permit only parking has been introduced locally..we need cpz to incorporate the roundhill area."

Princes Crescent & parts of Sylvan Hall
•"I was unsure the last time we were offered CPZ but now I realise that we have to go ahead with it. Yellow lines will eventually be put on certain streets and corners in any case as large vehicles are increasingly causing traffic jams etc. Imagine what our streets would be like to park in with alt the yellow lines and no CPZ?"

•"Parking ANYWHERE near our house would be nice for our family of 5. I use my bike most of the time, but sometimes a car is an unfortunate evil necessity."

•"As a mother of young twins, I really need to be able to park somewhere near our house. Most of the cars parked in our street and outside our house are LONG-TERM car leavers. Many cars have been left outside our house for MONTHS, without being moved at all."

•"I have asked Brighton Council on two separate occassions to strongly consider introducing CPZ in the Roundhill part of the city. The long-standing difficulties of parking in this area have been exacerbated by the recent introduction of CPZ in neighbouring streets. As a result, large numbers of commercial and non-resident vehicles are now parked on our streets, some legally, others not. I earnestly ask the Council, on behalf of Roundhill residents, to introduce CPZ to our neighbourhood."

•"Since controlled parking has been introduced in adjoining areas the situation in the area is now out of control.[*]"

•"I return home between 6-8.00pm most evenings. I can never park outside my house, or along the stretch of road where my house sits. Most of all, very often I have to park several streets away as there are so many vehicles on Princes Crescent. Please bring in controlled parking."

•"It is impossible to find a parking space in the Princes Crescent area, if one returns in the evening, from visiting elderly parents or friends. Please help!"

•"I see people park up for work every morning. Large converted vans are left parked up for weeks on end as are some cars. Parking in the evenings and weekends anywhere near your own home is practically impossible."

•"Find it impossible to park outside my home."

•"Parking on Princes Crescent has been a nightmare since parking charged were introduced on nearby streets. It would be great if we could get residential parking introduced."

•"Yet again I've seen two people park their cars and catch the bus into town."

•"I fully support the implementation of controlled parking in the roundhill area. Parking in the area for residents is getting noticeably worse."

•"As a GP I need to have access to my car to go to work and from there do home visits each day. Sometimes I come home late after evening surgeries and have to park 5-10 minutes walk away form my house. As someone whose work relies on me having access to my car, the difficulty finding spaces convenient to my house is very frustrating and time consuming."

•"Being a resident of the area for over 33 years, seen many changes to the Crescent all mainly caused by the overcrowding car/van and the pavement damage they cause. Would all residence be guaranteed a parking space as there'll be many additional double yellow lines introduced? I say bring it on and clear out our Roundhill."

•"Please put CPZ on Princes Crescent as it's getting increasingly difficult to get parking near my street. I often end up parking illegally overnight as absolutely no spaces anywhere near. Also, have noticed other cars parked in such a way as to obstruct road access. It's dangerous."

•"I have 6 month old twins and a 3 year old. I find it very hard to safely transfer them to and from my car as I have to park a long way away from my house frequently."

•"Look again at parking"

•"Having recently moved to the area (June 2010) we are finding the parking increasingly difficult and would welcome the introduction of parking control."

Roundhill Road
•"I hate CPZs as it is another way for the council to cash in on the motorist but alas as they have increased so has the problem of not being able to park in my own road, so it is with regret and a firm finger of blame pointing at the council that I sign this petition. But I am cheered up by the fact that working for the council is no longer a secure career option for the obtuse."

Roundhill Street
•"My husband and I totally support this initiative. Parking in the Roundhill area is very difficult mostly because of cars and vans from outside that are left in area. Minimum 4 days a week we need to left our car at least 3-4 blocks away from our home. We are willing to pay an small amount to change this situation."

Belton Road
•"in response to Round Hill Reporter article March 2011 “Speaking of traffic”. I support parking controls and would have voted yes last time but Belton Road was only going to have parking along one side of the road"

Wakefield Road
•"I am a single mother with young children. I cannot park near my home and sometimes it is a 10-minute walk to my house from the nearest space. Frightening after dark."

•"This is now essential. Unless you are home to park by 7pm you simply can't. Vehicles sit in Wakefield Road for days on end."

•"Sometimes I have to walk 15 mins to get home late at night and park up near 5 ways. My car has been badly damaged from being hit by a large vehicle when I did manage to park because of the road becoming so narrow with cars parked on both sides...cars from other roads with zoning. I have 3 children...4 of us to one car. I am a single mum. I have an elderly father who depends on me. That 15 mins to get to my car just may cost him his life. Is it worth it?"

•"We can't park near our house. Sometimes I have to walk for 15 minutes to get home in the dark."

Richmond Road
•"The ownership of a car is becoming a luxury. We need to control parking facilities in neighbourhoods such as Round Hill, where neighbouring areas already have CPZs and the overflow comes here. It is becoming difficult for large service vehicles to negotiate the corners in Mayo and other Roads.."

•"We do not own a car but our quality of life is affected by the volume of traffic, cars parking on pavements (I have 2 small children and use a pushchair and often have to cross the road to get round parked cars) and missed refuse collections (due to poor parking). We are also concerned that emergency vehicles may not be able to access our property in the event of a fire, again due to poor parking on tight corner."

•"It's impossible to park anywhere near my house after about 6.00 pm at night (Richmond RD, D'Aubigny, Roundhill Crescent). If I try later than 9.00 pm, on some nights there is nowhere at all within the Roundhill area. This is particularly difficult when you have tired young children with you."

•"It’s a yes from me we need controlled parking some nights when coming home from work I end up parking up Ditchling Rd."

•"I have long been opposed to CPZ and the idea for paying to park outside your own home, but the introduction of it in the London Rd Station area has merely displaced free car parking seekers to Roundhill. Taking your car out of a space anytime past 7.30pm and the worry that you won't find anywhere to park it on your return (as a single woman) means I heavy-, but whole-heartedly support it!"

•"Sort it out."

Mayo Road
•"We need to have enforcement of the highway code as well as controlled parking - vehicles park on corners and bends without consideration of emergency vehicle access, others obstruct pavements and cycle lanes in Lewes Road and between Lewes Road and Upper Lewes Road."

Ashdown Road
•"Please review the parking within the area or at least introduce permit parking at least to reduce the amount of cars in the area. I don't care if I have to pay per year, that's the price of owning a car!!!!."

Roundhill Crescent
•"Residents find it very difficult to park and I often have to park ten minutes away from my home as the road is crowded with cars from other streets."

•"Parking is increasingly problematic in Roundhill Crescent - there's no doubt that CPZ will make life easier for residents."

•"We are a city centre residential area close to a shopping area, main line railway station and a further train station and surrounded by other CPZ's. The parking situation has become impossible!"

•"Friends who have a CPZ have commented how it has made parking so much easier."

•"Since CPZ was introduced in neighbouring areas of Brighton, finding parking space in my area let alone near my home is a daily challenge."

•"Roundhill Crescent has long been a nightmare for residents who wish to park in the road in which they live. If parking were restricted to residents, the quality of life for these residents would be considerably enhanced and a persistent strain of low level---and sometimes intense level---stress would be removed. It seems that the road is a convenient place to park ( sometimes for days at a time) for people who live elsewhere. Also, stolen cars have been left in the road--once outside my house!."

•"Current situation is intolerable with both displaced parking from other controlled zones and commuters using it as nearest free parking to station. I regularly waste 20-30 minutes hunting for a parking space and then end up 10minutes walk from home."

•"I am currently working abroad, but my wife needs to be able to park near our house and avoid the constant stress of coming back and finding it difficult to park. I do not like to think of my wife having to walk back to our house alone from a parking space some distance from the house. Many of the cars parked are from other roads and often during the daytime are from much further afield. Some non- local cars are left for days, even week."

•"CPZ Yes"

Ditchling Road
•"The problem was created by the Council in the first place. If there had been no CPZs there would also be no displacement. Now that they have us over a barrel with this glorified protection racket, what choice do we have but to say yes. So, yes please give us an additional tax, I sign."

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