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Crescent Road 2014 Pro Forma

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Dear Mr Huntley,

I am writing to object to application number BH2014/03343 “Prior approval for change of use from offices (B1) to residential (C3) to form 5 no self contained flats”.

The existing buildings are completely unsuitable for conversion to residential flats. To develop these buildings into 5 residential flats would require substantial construction and remedial work, including significant changes to their external appearance. This would make the change of use ineligible under the “permitted development” law.

Any development of this site will have a major impact on local residents and therefore should be subject to the full planning process, which would allow residents to comment on the plans, rather than being gagged on what they can and can’t object to by this legislation. Residents have already made their feelings known to the Council regarding this development. It is outrageous that the developer is once again trying to push through his plans in this completely undemocratic manner using the ‘permitted development’ law.

The various addresses attached to this application by the developer remains a complete mess and the inconsistencies on exactly which areas the prior approval would relate to, also remain unclear. In addition, it is my understanding, that the use of the site on or prior to May 2013 must be B1(a) to be considered under the permitted development law. Residents know that this is not the case here.

I am disappointed with the Council’s decision to only consult with such a small number of very close residents on this application, given the history of this historic site, the close proximity to many, and the community’s clear objection to this type of development.

Given that a change in the law as of April this year clarified that local authorities are able to refuse applications like this, if they do not meet the criteria for “permitted development”, I very much hope that this application will be refused on those grounds.

Yours sincerely



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