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Crescent Road 2014 covering letter

Dear Round Hill Resident,

Unfortunately the property developer is back with his plans to turn 28B Crescent Rd and the land behind Belton Rd and Crescent Rd into residential space (the old laundry strip). He has clearly sought legal help and has gone back to trying to get "prior approval" for the buildings to turn them into C3 Residential use. Unfortunately this unthought out legislation introduced last year by central government could have very bad implications for us residents. If "prior approval" is granted, it would apply to the land also, meaning he would be over half way to not only making the existing buildings into 5 flats, but also developing on the rest of the land. 

The last "prior approval" application was refused on the basis that the developer has not provided enough evidence to prove that the buildings were in B1(a) use prior to 30th May 2013. This time he has provided 2 leases and sworn declarations to try and prove that they were. 

In our opinion, the application is still very flawed. The buildings and the site are clearly wholly unsuitable for this development in such a tight and dense area. The loss of privacy and over-looking issues would be huge for residents on Belton and Crescent Rd, and sets a terrible precedent for other developments like this being allowed in our community.

The new "prior approval" law means residents are effectively gagged, because we are unable to object on the usual planning grounds such as of loss of privacy and over-looking. It is this loss of democracy that we really object to. If anyone is going to develop in an area so very close to residents, we should at least be able to have a say in what goes there, and it should be subject to the same consultations as a normal planning application.

We need to do everything we can to try and halt this property developer using this new, badly thought out piece of legislation to line his pockets at the expense of local residents and let the Council know how unsatisfied we are with this situation.

a ) SEND IN YOUR OWN OBJECTION As far as the Council are concerned, the number of objections received is important. Please use the online form to voice your concerns about this application. You can do this here [Go to the “comments” tab.] The strongest argument is that to turn the buildings into 5 flats would involve alterations to the external look of the buildings (as described in the letter attached) and would therefore make it ineligible under the "permitted development" law. If useful, feel free to use or adapt this short sample objection.

b) SIGN OUR LETTER We have already composed a detailed letter of objection about this application. You can view this letter on The Round Hill Society website. If you would like your name to be added as a signatory please let me know, by dropping me an email at sallyg_2000@hotmail.com with your full name and address.

c) SEND A LETTER OF OBJECTION By either writing your own and sending using the envelope provided, or by signing and sending the letter attached. If you are a household that is being officially consulted on this it would be good to add your consultation number to this also.

Obviously to gain the most impact the ideal thing would be for you to send in your own objection and also be a signatory on the letter. The more separate objections they receive, the more likely the Council are to listen.

All the best,
Sally & Paul, Belton Rd

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