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Double Yellow Lines

Round Hill has received several new stretches of double yellow lines. Two areas are affected: Belton Road/Round Hill Road and the streets around D'Aubigny Road and Ashdown Road.

Map of the affected areas in Round Hill Road/Belton Road

The new restrictions were requested by CityClean who have had problems manoeuvring their dust waggons in the affected areas. The move has renewed the debate over the parking problems in the area and sparked a lengthy exchange on the Round Hill message board.

Map of affected areas between D

The City Council received a number of complaints from residents when notices first appeared towards the end of last year. They did make some alterations to the original plans with some of the proposed double yellow lines (eg. at the bend between D'Aubigny and Richmond Roads) reduced to single yellow lines (no waiting Mon-Fri 8am-4pm). The Environment Committee approved the new plans in January and the lines are being painted 16-17 February.

Not all residents responding to the consultation were against the proposals. The council received some supportive comments on the basis that the restrictions would improve access for emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire engines.

"Obviously the changes will make parking even more difficult in the affected areas but I'm surprised that there haven't been lines here before. Surely if there had been a house fire in Round Hill Street or Ashdown Road, fire engines would not have been able to get anywhere near?"
Dave, Wakefield Road

"I knew that the double yellow lines were coming into effect but did they really have to make them so long? I was in agreement that the double yellow lines should be put in place. It was getting ridiculous. You could not walk to the end of the path and cross the road, you had to walk out between two parked cars on the road.The cars on the corners were bumper to bumper. Great idea but they have over done it - we have lost two car spaces on each corner."
Scott, Round Hill Crescent

"Parking was problematic enough, without losing at least 3 parking spaces per corner. I can appreciate why they've done it, but don't think it's necessary to extend the yellow lines as far round the corners as they have. Parking is bad enough in the evenings, now we have lost probably 30 or 40 parking spaces. So where will people park? I think it will encourage double parking, which is much worse! I would be happy to pay for a parking permit if it made it easier to get a parking space."
Julie, Round Hill Crescent

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