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Double parking

The double parking habit continues apace in Round Hill with the police and wardens apparently powerless to act ("no formal restrictions").

This was the scene at 9.30 am on Tuesday 24 May as the council recycling vehicle attempted to make its rounds. The truck was held up for fully twenty minutes and the street was totally blocked. The vehicle had been parked overnight. They never did manage to wake the owner and finally got through by locating car owners legitimately parked on the other side of the road and getting them to move. This car was finally moved from the middle of the street at 1pm. Just imagine the seriousness of this situation had it been a fire engine!

Trouble is that once the wardens and police worked in unison and they've now drifted apart. Neither wants to take responsibility - so it gets worse!

[Thanks to Andrew Haig and Associates of Round Hill Crescent for this report]

Double parking in Roundhill Crescent

This black Peugeot is seen here blocking the middle of Round Hill Crescent.

Cars are frequently to be seen parked on and around corners, as well as double parked. This can severely restrict the movement of large vehicles. How would you feel if your house was on fire, you were trapped and the fire crew couldn't get through because your car was obstructing their way? It's a disaster waiting to happen.Yes, parking is at a premium in Round Hill, but that's no excuse. [Ed.]

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