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Manual For Streets

Department for Transport's Manual For Streets
Round Hill residents who are worried about the effects Carelet's proposal would have on infrastructure, traffic volume and pressure on parking, may wish to quote The Department for Transport's Manual For Streets in letters of objection to the Case Officer.

Manual For Streets is the new guidance, which the Council's Traffic Manager now refers to, as well as the (TR) policies in Chapter 1 of The Local Plan and SPG BH note 4 on Parking Standards. Genuine proposals for Car Free Housing should also comply with Policy HO7 (scroll to p15 of 30), which stipulates that the area should have Controlled Parking and that the proposal should be likely to remain car-free in the long-run.

Manual For Streets specifies that:

Provision below demand can work successfully when adequate on-street parking controls are present and where it is possible for residents to reach day-to-day destinations, such as jobs, schools and shops, without the use of a car. This will normally be in town and city centres where there will be good public transport and places that can be accessed easily on foot and by cycle.

Princes Road is not such an area. 6.1.1 of Manual For Streets also states that Street design should be inclusive:

Inclusive design means for all people regardless of age or ability. There is a general duty for public authorities to promote equality under the Disability Discrimination Act 2005.

With such appalling access out onto a 1 in 12 hill, and one service lift to take prospective residents down to a level where they can get to their homes, Carelet's proposal is unacceptable for people with disabilities. They would be trapped in and /or unable to get to their homes if the lift broke down.

6.4.11 of Manual For Streets deals with requirements for cyclists:
the maximum gradients should generally be no more than 3%, or 5% maximum over a distance of 100 m or less, and 7% maximum over a distance of 30 m or less.

Princes Rd is a 1 in 12 hill, yet Carelet's proposal pretends that it can attract environmentally-conscious residents who are willing to cycle. They fall a long way short of proposing "Homes for Life".

2.3.8 of Manual For Streets states that providing frontages that are directly accessible on foot and that are overlooked from the street is highly desirable in most circumstances as this helps to ensure that streets are lively and active places.

Application BH2007/04444 provides a sole access of circa 3M to and from Princes Rd, which could be used by 30-40 new residents and their visitors. The access to Princes Road would become a bottleneck.

6.7 and 6.8 of Manual For Streets lists the requirements for Emergency, Service, Waste Collection and Recycling Vehicles, and these are incompatible with Carelet's transport planning.

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