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Open Space 2007-our railway corridor

Track renewal and clearance of the embankment - Spring 2007
13 May 2007 Railway corridor in Round Hill looking over land which has never been previously developed currently owned by Carelet
Photo 13 May 2007: looking over the greenfield site (NE of Princes Road - currently owned by Carelet) to the designated greenway and railway corridor. There looked as if there would be room for planting trees on the northern embankment to repair the railway corridor.

The shrinking railway embankment The shrinking railway embankment
However, with the demolition of the boundary wall, part of the railway embankment now looks as if it is part of Veolia's site.
Site preparation for Veolia's Visitors' Centre site preparation 04 Oct 2007
We have now been told that the MMR, The WTS and the Visitors' Centre, all on one site, would be "a tight fit" and there was no room for landscaping within Veolia's site on the southern flank. It is becoming clearer just how crammed this development is, as we watch more of it go up.

Essential track renewal in the London Road Station area.

In Spring 2007, Network Rail has commissioned Balfour Beatty to carry out essential track renewal work in the Round Hill area, as part of a national programme to improve and maintain the rail network.

Track renewal along railway corridor in Round Hill
The work took place between Sun 13th May 2007- Mon 14th May 2007 between the hours of(01:00hrs- 04:00hrs)

replacing the track
This involved removing the old track, excavating the track bed and then replacing the ballast, rail and components.

replacing the ballast
Network Rail promised, wherever possible, to carry out noisy engineering work during daylight hours.

Welding plays a major part in track safety
However for safety reasons, work often had to be carried out throughout the night, as well as at weekends, to take advantage of train free periods.

Additional work was planned for:

Tue 15th May 2007- Fri 18th May 2007 between hours of (00:30hrs - 05:00hrs)

Tue 19th June 2007- Fri 22th June 2007 between hours of (00:30hrs - 05:00hrs)

Thur 20th March 2008 -Thur 20th March 2008 between hours of (00:00hrs -05:00 hrs)

Levelling the ballast before laying new track

Residents were advised that some of the contractors' equipment was noisy. There were also lights and generators on site. Wherever possible equipment silencers and noise barriers were used. Site personnel were briefed to ensure that they caused the least possible disturbance when working close to residential properties.

Residents were given a Network Rail Helpline on 08457 11 41 41 and told to quote reference number: 18855, should they have any enquiries regarding the work.

Network rail’s Community Relation Manager (Nicholas Gray) thanked local residents for their co-operation and apologised for any inconvenience caused during the essential work.

Greenway designated by Brighton and Hove City Council and railway corridor valued in the Round Hill Conservation Area Character Statement
Photo 13 May 2007: Greenway designated by Brighton and Hove City Council and railway corridor valued in Round Hill's Conservation Area Character Statement. This is the view enjoyed from the summit of Princes Road and from many homes and back gardens at the NE end.


Carelet's third (2006) proposal - The Council's reasons for refusing planning permission for residential development on the green open space currently owned by Carelet. Reason 5:

"The proposed development would result in the loss of an area of habitat that potentially could currently be supporting slowworm and other species and is within a designated Greenway. In the absence of a species survey and adequate detail of how the development would address and mitigate this impact, the proposed development is considered to be contrary to Brighton and Hove Local Plan policies QD17, QD18 and QD19."
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