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Protecting Round Hill's open spaces

Valuing the open-feel of Round Hill

Looking from the summit of Princes Road across Saunders Park into the Lewes Road valley before Hughes Road and the warehouses of The Centenary Industrial Estate were planted in the foreground.

101 Round Hill Crescent












Do we want to stand by while our remaining open spaces are overdeveloped and the remaining gaps between our terraces are plugged, severing connections with surrounding hills and valleys?


Round Hill is already very densely populated, though still (in 2016) this is mitigated by something of an open-feel. Remaining silent about planning applications which are certain to take away the amenity of our neighbourhood is one choice. Responding by submitting a comment is a democratic right. 


Q&As for residents who would like to know "how":

Question: how do we protect Round Hill's valued open spaces under The Government's National Planning Policy Framework  - Planning Practice Guidance Promoting healthy communities?

Answer: with difficulty unless we create our own neighbourhood plan.

Question: how do we form a Neighbourhood Plan?

Answer: review the necessary steps here. Having our own Neighbourhood Plan could also give Round Hill residents more influence in determining other planning matters e.g. conservation and sustainability issues: see next item on micro-generation of energy.

Further information on saving open spaces

  1. Strategies to save the Crescent Rd/Belton Rd strip
  2. Ward Councillors and our Open Spaces
  3. The value of open space assessment

Infill of patch of greenspace unwanted

green open space











  • [1] 15/01/2014: 28 & 28B Crescent Road -  BH2014/00124 - full application for conversion of building from financial and professional services (A2) to form 5no self contained flats with associated alterations [WITHDRAWN]
  • [2] 17/03/2014: 28 & 28B Crescent Road -  BH2014/00841 - prior approval for change of use from offices (B1) to residential (C3) to form 5no self contained flats [REFUSED]
  • [3] 03/06/2014: 28 A, B & C Crescent Road - [4] BH2014/01815 - certificate of lawfulness for existing use as offices (B1) [WITHDRAWN]
  • [4] 01/10/2014:  28B Crescent Road BH2014/03343 - prior approval for change of use [REGISTERED on 17th October 2014]

New homes to be built even nearer to WTS

open space












London Road Station - a heritage asset
click here or on picture below to read why! London Road Station
But permission to build extended until 2016
London Road Station open space to remain at risk

Threat to Round Hill's best "green ribbon"

New build on greenway (to the west of the Cats Creep) refused
Fern Villa 1879

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