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Long periods of industrial noise
Dump Even within our homes with windows closed, we regularly hear banging / echoing / rumbling within the MRF & WTS; glass-tipping, high-pitched hums / high pressure cleaning equipment / loud beeps from vehicles & machinery within the yard.
This noise starts in the morning at 6.30am (Waste Transfer Station) and 7am (Materials Recovery Facility).

2013 - original condition giving residents periods of respite from industrial noise abandoned in favour of operating hours WTS & MRF 15 hours per day 363 days per year

1. Details of Veolia's Application BH2013/02219 to extend operating times at The WTS and MRF

2. A bad summer for local democracy

3. A rushed public consultation

4. Deficient summary of our objections and uncritical acceptance of Noise Impact Assessment

5. Concerns about local democracy: what can be done now?

6. Questions to ask planners & politicians

7. Two days' respite per year from industrial noise

8. Current Protection from Unreasonable Noise - where to address complaints about unreasonable levels of industrial noise and odour. What are the current restrictions on noise & odour pollution and Veolia's operating times?

9. Records of nuisances from noise and odour - description of the noise and odour nuisances which residents living near Hollingdean Depot have had to suffer, especially during May, June and July 2013 (to date).

10. The truth about odour, noise and the degree of disturbance to local residents

11. Private action to abate a noise nuisance - strategies used to discourage residents' complaints are (a) weighing them down with paperwork e.g. the obligation to keep a 2-week noise diaries, and (b) treating the complaint as "an allegation to be made in a Magistrates Court" while advising residents of the cost of a failed legal action.
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