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Veolia 2013 petition feedback

What are local residents' saying on the petition? To read the petition and add your own comment, click HERE.

The petition comments will be sent to the Environment Agency and The Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman.

Those who have signed the petition say -
01 The regular industrial noise from the dump spoils my enjoyment of the garden and makes me hesitate to invite friends round. It's the first thing I hear in the morning on most days of the week, if/when I open the rear windows of our house. On some days the sickening smell prevents me spending time outdoors.

02 I wholeheartedly support this petition in an attempt to ameliorate conditions which blight people's lives (in their homes and gardens) through noise and odours that they are unable to escape from.

03 While I understand the need to find somewhere to process waste, and endorse the need to improve Brighton's recycling levels, this should not be at the expense of the health and well being of a significant community in the city of Brighton. It is not right to solve one problem by creating another one.

04 The Veolia site in question was controversial from the start and strongly opposed within Brighton. The supposed safeguards set up to provide some protection at weekends when Veolia was granted planning permission to operate are no longer regarded as sacrosanct. If this attempt to move the goal posts and renege on commitments is allowed to happen it really will militate against trust in the official processes and procedures we need to have faith in. When safeguards are given they must be respected and not cynically be regarded as short term. Ordinary people need to be protected from unreasonable, harmful changes that they were initially assured would not happen.

05 It is unacceptable that "industrial" processes creating noise and smells be inflicted on an essentially residential area of the city.

06 To extend operating hours would be cruel to those residents whose lives are blighted by noise and odour pollution. Remember this depot is in the middle of a densely populated area.

07 Whilst I personally thought the original arrangement both reasonable and a fair compromise between the interest of local residents & the wider public good, to seek to extend it in this way, at the behest of B&H Council, is profoundly unreasonable & constitutes a breach of faith on the Council's part.

08 To site a rubbish tip in a residential area was always controversial. To propose almost constant opening hours shows contempt for the rights of the residents.

09 Residents deserve and need protection from this facility. We need a method to ensure the operators are required to work in a way that protects us.

10 Deplorable application. Give residents some peace from this facility.

11 Existing air and noise pollution should be reduced and brought in line with UK and EU legislation and WHO recommendations.

12 I object to the high volume of traffic movements, particularly first thing in the morning and to the loud noise created by vehicles pulling away from the traffic lights at the junction with Ditchling Road Also the noise caused by bottles being dropped into the vehicles. This must not be permitted to invade normal leisure times of residents at weekends and bank holidays.

I agree with the comments about B&H council that, as Veolia's only customer, they are the real instigators of the new proposals. B&H council are in effect dealing with complaints about their own operation - ridiculous.!

13 The operation was opened in an inappropriate site in the first place, and Veolia's plans would make an already problematic situation for neighbours incl. the local school, totally untenable.

14 The wishes of the electorate were overruled when the original application to build these facilities on an inner city site close to hundreds of homes. Promises were made and constraints were put in place to limit the negative impact of this inappropriate site. It is NOT in any way reasonable to allow Veolia to overturn these constraints and to create an unbearable environment for those who live within the sight and smell of the place.

To read the petition and add your own comment, click HERE.

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