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RHS Minutes 2021-06-08

Minutes fo RHS meeting Tuesday 8th June 2021

Present: Andrew Partington, Kate Rice, Jo Alexander, Rob Stephenson and (near the end) Stefania Rosso. Apologies: Jamie Aichison, Kate Wolstenholme, Gary Jenkins, Summer Dean.

Next Meeting date: Wednesday 7th July, 7pm - perhaps meeting for real?! On street? Weather and rules permitting.

Minutes of May meeting were agreed as accurate and full. Matters arising:

1. Mural progress - Daryl will come back after next session with youth group. Meanwhile Martin Scolding and RS over-painted tagging last week, leaving tree art by Moon showing proud. Asked Daryl for a clue to price for toad mural for a given size, no answer yet! Passed on info to Houseowner of No2 about Daryl's insurance (he has Pub. Liability cover) and environamental friendliness of paints (no guarantee, but it will be well done giving a long life).

2. Blue plaque wording WILL be decided on 24th June.

3. Play Street - Jamie has agreed to store barriers and signs when Miriam moves home. Laura Kate Roe will work with Kate R, and take over from Kate next year. Signature collection will be done in time for a September first event.

4. Jan's garden use - Jan intends to host (with her family) an event in memory of Rusty on 4th July if rules/weather allow. We will offer to help, in particular with stewarding and track and trace recording. We are welcome to propose other events later.

Website progress: Andrew summarised his brief for the new front of the website which we all accepted. next the working group will find a date to meet/Zoom and decide details of the look, feel and functionality of the front. David Guest will build our scheme for approval/amendment/ rejection by full committee. Andrew will suggest dates. Working group is Andrew, Stefania, Summer, Gary and Rob.

Communal Bins update: Rob reported that a brief item appeared in the June Reporter, covering the latest developments. The Round Hill Communal Bin Group did complain that their full article had not been included. Rob had explained to them that much of the piece was a repetition of the March piece, and that he concentrated on new information. The committee agreed to keep in contact with the residents' group, and, once the consultation start date is known, to promote the consultation as widely as possible so that all local residents are aware and have their chance to respond to the council's proposals.

Round Hill Heroes: We will wait and see if other residents support the idea suggested by Annie Rimington, and reported in the June Reporter.

AOB: 1. We talked about the need/value/future of the paper Reporter. Decided to ask the readers in the next issue. 2. The Facebook site saw a flurry of comments about serious pavement parking by the bus stop on Ditchling Rd, mainly calling it a bad thing. Dominic Furlong intends to look into the possibility of a Traffic Regulation Order which can make such action illegal and thus easier for police to act. We supported this plan. 3. After some neglect the last 18 months of minutes have been posted on the website. Rob sent them to Ted who uploaded them. Kate R will draw people's attention to their location, and invite residents to raise issues for future meetings with committee members, via the Facebook Noticebaord.

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