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RHS Minutes 2021-08-09

Minutes of RHS August 2021 Zoom meeting - 9th August 7pm.

Present: Gary, Summer, Jamie and Rob. Apologies from Jo, Andrew, Kate R, Eva and Stefania.

Next meeting Monday 6th Sept at 7pm - Zoom or undecided venue. The minutes of the last meeting were approved as a true record.

Matters arising: ROB will get a 'certificate quality' version of the agreed wording of our thank you letter for our litter-picking neighbour for subsequent signing by committee members. The Belton Road request for more clean it up dog-poo stencilling will be dealt with by Eva this coming weekend. There is nothing to report on the Long Wall except that the various artists are discussing details.

Website developments - Summer will find time to log in and explore using it. Gary suggested a real or Zoom meeting to ideally learn and discuss appearance of it. Jamie noted that a Zoom meeting can be recorded and reviewed for reinforcement.

Communal bins - Gary is concerned that waiting for the Council to come to us with their paperwork is not active enough, and leaves us in a weaker position. There are issues bigger than 'yes or no to communal bins', and we should raise them now. Where exactly will they be placed? How will they be set on the streets - soft and hard landscaping, maintenance budget from savings made by not visiting every house/flat? How to encourage better use - noticeboard, clear instructions, wider community information? Communal bins are magnets for bigger items of junk - how to allow for that or stop it? GARY to draft a letter for the Council and circulate.

Parking Zone J review - having discussed the issue in Round Hill and with neighbouring groups (DRARA, Southdown/Springfield, Triangle and those folk behind Duke of York cinema who apparently instigated the review with a petition to Council - we agreed that the present question (divide along railway or not) is not supported by enough information to make a sound judgement. Without our neighbourhood groups we would not have been aware of the source of the review, and it is hard to say yes or no to the question without understanding exactly where the problem arises (are the extra cars in the SW corner coming from N of the railway). And why was the zone enlarged rather than a new zone being created N of the railway line? Was it a shortage of places over applications in the S part? ROB will draft a letter to the Council/Councillor along these lines, and circulate before sending.

Street Trees and a local Plant Your Postcode group seeking RHS support - Rob outlined the situation so far ( agroup of 6 residents, mainly in the lower part of Richmond Rd want trees planting on the street outside their homes, Rob introduced them to the PYP scheme run locally by B&H CPRE, and the way to work the scheme). They would like the support of this committee (and therefore the Society) but we agreed that until they have completed each step (Mapping, specific locations for trees, agreement of householders near each site for a tree) we would be unwise to endorse. ROB will return to the group with this position and urge them to complete process.

Beal Blue Plaque - ask Friends of Round Hill for a financial contribution? Rob is helping arrange a modest mural to be painted around the plaque to deter more tagging, and enhance the site. The artist (Moon) asked for £100, and as we have now raised £90 (as of 11th August) from traders in the immediate area there is no need to pursue asking our Friends group.

New recycling insert/page in October Reporter (Sharron Davis will update her previous info sheet) - should be ready for then.

AOB: ROB will seek CityClean/Council support for the planned Good Gym catcreep clean-up on 14th September starting 6.30pm. We should publicise it, seeking volunteers of our own, and tools. Summer spoke of the serious obstruction of Wakefield Rd North side, caused by overhanging vegetation. This side was clear, and has been easier than the bin and box strewn south side. May do some quick cutting back now, and add to the Good Gym activity. Our Gazebo was destroyed by wind whilst in hands of the drug and alcohol rehab body. They have offered a replacement which we agreed to accept, and to offer to local residents at a £5 a time.

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